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  • jkwelli jkwelli Sep 27, 2012 12:40 PM Flag

    Mitt Says Don't Expect Tax cuts(except for wealthy)

    MItt said today that if he is elected people should NOT expect big tax cuts.

    Sounds reasonable after all we need to start balancing the budget.

    HOWEVER Mittsy has said that he wants to ELIMINATE ALL OF HIS ESTATE TAX!!!

    This would save mittsy and estimated 80 million on his 250 million estate.

    Currently the law taxes estates that are greater than 5 million. In short, the 1% or higher of population.

    Mittsy proposed elimination of estate tax will also benefit the billionaire Koch brothers that back Mittsy.

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    • Wrong, liar. Under current law the estate tax is pretty much eliminated. That would change on December 31. Romney would continue the current law, which would not cut anyone`s estate tax. It would be the same as it`s been for nine years.

      By the way, you do know that an estate has already been taxed before the owner`s death? Over and over and over again? I think you do know that but you communists want it all.

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      • Any idiot, other than yourself apparently, can google the current estate tax limits.

        Any idiot, other than yourself, can google and find Mittsy's pledge to ELIMINATE ENTIRELY the estate tax.

        Mitt will save $80 million by cutting his own taxes.

        At least we know Mittsy is good at avoiding tax and avoiding showing his tax returns.

        I can trust the guy that can't show his tax returns as EVERY OTHER CANDIDATE has done for decades.

        I suspect he has MANY questionable activities on his tax returns.

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