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  • dgregsmart dgregsmart Mar 11, 2013 8:43 AM Flag


    Big guys selling with target on scene with walmart with food sales

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    • Their is a science to this thing called grocery stores, and this is something that Kroger does right.Walmart tries to be all things to everybody but not good at it in some areas like groceries.Target is also making the same mistakes that Walmart is making.Kmart before it merged with sears tried to manage super centers with full line grocery departments, and found itself losing money and even to this day had to close many of those kmart super centers because it was a money loser.I can give example after example after example of just how Krogers is gaining market shares.I can give even more examples of how walmart and target is losing out,but im not going to do that.I will say this much.Go talk to its suppliers, customers, management and employess off the record if you can and get a fill for how positive or negative they are about Krogers.Do a walk around in the stores for prices, cleanlyness, helpful employess and managers, go to the deli, bakery, meat counters,floral dept, frozen, customer service to see if someone is their ready to help and make sure your getting what you want.Take advantage of the kroger visa and gift cards,coupons mailers, gas discounts that is stated on you grocery reciepts and the free kroger dollars you can get in the mail from your visa Kroger points card.Kroger also offer one day and two days special in store sales that are so good that many of kroger customers will load up their baskerts.For example krogers sold 48 oz Koolaid containers for 1 dollar,regular price is 3.99 and that was one of 8 items in the store with a below cost sale for that day,and this is seperate from Krogers regular sales add cercular for that week.If your not going to take advantage of all of your options at getting the low price and many discounts offered to you at Krogers,then shop at walmart.

    • You have no idea what you're talking about. Depending where you shop? Wal-Mart and Target have some of the highest prices in the city. That's the reason Kroger has gained market share in 70 percent of the markets where they go heads up with Wal-Mart. You have to admit that you feel like a total loser shopping at Wal-Mart, don't you? Yes you do! Look at the shoppers in Wal-Mart stores. They failed at life, and now they shop at Wal-Mart. Shopping at Wal-Mart makes you a total loser and an idiot.

      It a moment of desperation I've had to stop at a Wal-Mart. When walking into the front door I realize I had left my self respect and dignity in my car and quickly ran back out of the store. I got extremely nauseated, almost to the point of vomiting. I quickly drove off with my head close to the window trying to catch my breath, but yet trying to keep an eye out in case a friend or neighbor might drive by and see me leaving the store. I guess if you don't have any dignity or self respect left, it's the place for you.

      If Kroger doubled the prices of their food or other products, I would still shop there just to avoid people like you.

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    • Visit these three stores and see where the majority are buying their food. Kroger will be busy no matter what time of day and the food sections of Walmart and Target will be nearly empty.

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      • Are you joking Walmart is where I purchase most of my food item and cleaning supplies except for meat. Krogers low new prices are not lower then Walmart. The only thing I purchase from Krogers is the daily special or produce adn milk. Ever since Krogers stop double coupons I shop more at Walmart. I buy all my meats from Jungle Jims.

      • quality is different,kroger cucumber lasts one week,it is firm in texture ,so you slic it and add to your salad,you need a few slices,the cheap ones are all watery.
        ditto the sweet potato,and other produce,they all last longer.
        Once I have a carton of milk past expiration date a month ago and it is still good to drink,
        Also Walmart line is not just long,every shopping cart ahead of you is loaded with grocery and no grocery items,take a long time to get thru

    • Target has been selling food for quite a while. This is not news.

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