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  • sinejoco sinejoco Jul 28, 2007 6:37 PM Flag


    only margin call selling who would sell this otherwise biz conditions are the same though far from excellent , are alright ////////////////panic sell everything well till it is over calmer minds will prevail ........the misuse of leverage is what this is about , investors become margin sheep private equity hedge funds large retail thrift players , the lousey lenders , the deal makers , the specualtors yada yada need to be washed out of the game and clean things up a bit , excessive foam of specualtion yuk always needs to be put into check . a stock like pbct goes on sale , it will return to 19ish , although i prefer other bancorps here , 10% pop is likely for them all for openers ,,,,,,piggies on sale for how long.....long list of buyout candiates


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    • He filed Friday (7/27/07)

      Thrifts are cheap, but will latest AHM news make 'em cheaper?

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      • our piggies have deposits and excess liquidity !!! and super tight lending practices !!! S & L DEBACLE of 1980's has serveed us well , this go around all the crazy lending and abuse of leverage is in the mortage companys and hedge fund etc folks not our super over regulated thrifts!!!!!

        abnj is half the size of synf and synf got a tiny take over price , so i wonder if there is enough juice in it , i guess there is siedman knows how to value it , maybe he has talked to another banker who would pay 15 for abnj?

        anyhow i moved out of all my high cost basis stuff , like hcbk and abnj , these two started positions well over book a big no no in my book , all positions begin under book , that was the theme of this game buy a dollar for 80cents

        lot of banks under book with super clean sheets !!! like essa qnto bncl

        i am buying very low to book value stuff for long term...

        i think abnj will sell out quick they will not fight to be indepenant

        but what will it fetch>???

        i look to buy new issue at 70's and 80's of book

        bought BNCL a big bank under book , maybe i pay 90% for that one @!

        worth more dead then alive

        isay isay !


        good luck in abnj i am looking for larger and cheaper bankcorp but newer ipo longer wait till deal time.....go abnj....i flipped my holdings there , issue was too rich....110% i think i pay ouch way too much !!!joco

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