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  • mbagamers06 mbagamers06 Jan 29, 2010 3:01 PM Flag

    Is PBCT Being Bought?

    Why the 7 million shares trades. It's pretty disgusting that someone has news of something that moves the stocks but we won't find out until the news hits the public. I'm glad this time it's in the favor of the longs but still this stuff shouldn't happen.

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    • Their in line Stop & Shop branches are among the most successful using that platform in the US. Nothing is the matter with it, which is very cost effective compared with traditional branches. The issue is very cautious management which is unwilling to go outside the box to expand the franchise, although if the economy double dips their strong cash trove will give them a leg up on future acquisitions.

    • Whats wrong with Stop and Shops? I thought that was clever, much smaller footprint, less expensive to maintain, no new construction building costs and tons of customer in the store. I do agree with you though they need to shake things up at the top to get this going again. Great balance sheet, undervalued IMO. On sale under 16.

    • This stock is going nowhere until it gets someone with real leadership skills at the top. All they have now is some accountant that thinks growth is accomplished by cutting. This bank hasn't had any real growth in years, when is the last time they opened up a branch in a new market? New Stop and Shops don't count. Being flush with cash means nothing if you are too chicken to do anything with it except pay dividens. They even have gone to the wallmart model with a greeter at the door, what the hell is that, is that the most productive you can be with your employees? I have to wait in longer and longer lines because they have to have a greeter. Stay away until there is new leadership at the top.

    • what if, as some economists predict that we are not out of the recession and that it will get worse before it gets better. which may put added pressure on the banking industry. which may provide a greater opportunity for PBCT to purchase some distressed assets.
      i think this would be the more prudent way to go.

      better then going out and buying something just for the sake of buying something.

      i believe PBCT will be bought sometime in the future.

      i am happy enough to reinvest my divi until that time.

      just my 2 cents

    • PBCT is changing their computer systems on Feb 15th. This is going to align all their systems from their previous regional acquisitions. This will allow them the flexibility to take on more, I think we should look for more acquisitions starting in March. Just my thoughts.

    • yes...XX

    • another 3 million shares trade in the last hour. Same amount of shares that the company trades for the entire day. 9.6 million is what I have. Over three times the average daily volume.

      Even though I'm on the right side of the trade here it's still ridiculous. I guess it could be that some large fund invested heavily in this stock today but the price action doesn't support it. If a fund invests, it does it gradually over time so it doesn't spike the price.

    • Queer price action indeed!

    • Even if its being bought it probably won't be announced until PBCT completes FIF buyout.

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