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  • abanks01 abanks01 Aug 27, 1998 4:56 PM Flag


    I purchased PBCT AT 27 . Watched it go to 41.
    Today I watched it
    go to 21 on very high volume.
    Something is going on. The market
    is down but pbct is
    off almost 40% this year. Because of the
    it can't be acquired. Its my guess that
    out of the ordinary is causing the drop. The stock
    usually thinly traded and when a thinly traded stock goes
    either direction, somebody knows something

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    • What would it take for PBCT to be taken over. I would think with statewide coverage in a high net worth state as well as their credit card operation, PBCT could be very attractive.

    • ..then did a dead-cat bounce......someone was
      liquidated in a hurry and others knew it was gonna "air" developed in the year's
      earnings are looking like $1.75 plus so, geez, a mhc bank
      selling at 12x earnings!! ........key to getting value in
      this dog remains with the already overcapitalized bank
      doing a share repurchase ..... a few flies in the
      ointment there however..... shareholders should seriously
      badger management--they should've done the back-end when
      the stock was in the mid to high 30's------if they
      gave a damn about creating value for us...which they
      don't seem to.....badger the heck out of them 203 338

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      • Buybacks make a lot of sense, especially at these
        prices. Second stage conversion makes no sense at these
        prices. Banks, with foreign exposure, took it on the chin
        today. All banks and thrifts have had a difficult six
        weeks. PBCT's price has been cut in half, it is now on
        sale. Don't know where it is going in short-term but
        long-term it's a steal.

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