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  • erma4mail erma4mail May 21, 2013 11:47 AM Flag

    what is happening?

    down almost $7.00 in two days. please reply if yyou know what is happening with HNP. thank you

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    • HNP was one of my frustrating experiences. I invested in 2009 around $26 a share. I sold last year around $29 for a small profit. I simply got frustrated with the dividend cutting & had doubts about Chinese bookkeeping.

      I obviously missed the run up since. But I sleep much better. Again, I just do not trust what is reported from Chinese companies, never mind what their government does in the background. I therefore refuse to invest directly in Chinese stocks until the corruption problems diminish.

      China will no doubt be a growth engine for a long time to come. You can have a significant corruption & still generate wealth & prosper. Italy comes to mind. But I plan on profiting here through North American companies that do business in China. Such companies have what China needs & know how to navigate Chinese corruption.

      That's why I invest in companies like Caterpillar, as opposed to HNP. Sure, I liked the idea of a company in its capitalist youth which serves Chinese energy needs. I though I could achieve significant wealth if I held for decades. But I got out after 4 years on the corruption factor.

      It's fashionable to predict a collapse in the US these days. But something tells me it is China & the Yen will have a true day of reckoning, sooner rather than later. There is just too much risk for me to be invested directly in Chinese companies...even HNP.

      Best of luck all.

    • Check Yahoo! Finance Quote for Note 1-year target estimate of 5.19 (HK$).
      HNP (A.D.S.) might merely be echoing the sell-off in Hong Kong.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I can't find anything. What is more strange is the big hit it takes on the open over the last 2 days. Nothing more frustrating than seeing price changes, up or down, without an even remote reason.

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