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  • efficient_frontier2002 efficient_frontier2002 Jan 19, 2010 11:36 AM Flag

    Broad interest in SNTA's STA-9090 inhibitor

    From the last conference call ...

    "We have been helped over the past several months in our progress towards this goal [of advancing 9090] by the broad support we have received from investigators around the country and their interest in expansion trials with this compound.

    Many of these investigators have worked with other Hsp90 inhibitors and their support for 9090 is encouraging for us and for the program. The majority of the new trials will be investigator sponsored. Meaning that they will cost as much less than a typical company sponsored trial."

    My comments: Most biotech companies are pretty excited about their products. But I think it's unusual, and very encouraging, when so many people outside of the company are just as excited, and are willing to foot a large part of the research bill.

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    • nice info... Thanks for your investigation!!

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      • efficient_frontier2002 efficient_frontier2002 Jan 20, 2010 11:28 AM Flag

        You're welcome.

        Here are two more encouraging excerpts from the same conference call ...

        1. "Based on the pace of discussions and level of interest I can say we are optimistic we will be able to generate one or more partnerships in the first half of [2010]. We are fortunate to have multiple un-partnered programs, a strong discovery engine and a good cash position, all of which gives us flexibility and we intent to use that flexibility as an advantage to get the best choices on the table."

        2. "Brian Martin - Barclays Capital

        But 9090 clearly you all have shown pre-clinical data that's shown to be superior during the first generation 17 AAG and analogues. But how do you see yourselves positioned versus other earlier stage synthetic compounds like in Pfizer Serenex 5422 or the Astex compound or the Novartis compounds.

        Vojo Vukovic (SNTA)

        I think that's a great question. Let me begin by answering the question that we have synthesized in our labs really all of the claimed Hsp90 inhibitors that we are aware of for which the structures under public premise, we're able to do extensive testing in our labs and by our experiments as well as the experienced results from our collaborators we see that 9090 is FAR SUPERIOR (my caps) to 17-AG family of inhibitors that a number of companies are developing."

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