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  • hailstorm_catapult hailstorm_catapult Dec 16, 2010 4:09 PM Flag

    Out at $6.10

    Just couldn't resist any longer, as I've already well exceeded my goal with this stock for 2010. If (when) it pulls back, I'll return. If it rockets to $50...well, congratulations to the rest of you then. :-)

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    • keizok Dec 31, 2010 10:21 AM Flag

      You are smarter than many others. No reasons for such a pumping up (crime behind scene). Let's what happens in the next 2-3 months (down to $2-3 or even lower, because company is borrowing money from banks since no real investors take serious about STA-9090 (new tumors have grown = HSP90 is a difficult program - Pfizer, Novartis, BiogenIdec and others have dropped this....

    • Looks like the top of the roller coaster. Enjoy the view, and if you're not getting off, enjoy the rest of the ride.

    • Of course, it depends on what happens going forward. All things the same, I'd start considering getting back in under $5. But of course, things could change that would make me try to get back in at $8, or stay away from it at $2.

      In the meantime, I will try to figure out my tax situation and get ready to make that money go to work again in 2011!

    • what are you going to do with your profits?

    • At what price would you buy snta again?

      Are you selling becuase snta had a big runup?

      Finally, Bruce bought $5 million when snta was in the 3's. (wish I bought back much for hesitating).

    • I never wrote that you weren't intelligent, nor even implied such.

      The 5,000,000 dollar buy, the buy rec we have, the excellent results that have been released so far, the BIG buying going on imply, to me, good things in the long term. My selling was based on what I think will happen in the short term. Which is why I mentioned an interest in buying back in again.

      I do not have such an inflated opinion of myself that I think that people will do what I do, or what I want them to do, just because I write something on a Yahoo Message Board. I'm just sharing information as I see it, and also using that which I find, in the hopes of making better decisions. If that helps other people make better decisions too, then all the better.

      I sold. You do whatever the heck you want. Hope we both get rich.

    • I of course not being as intelligent as you. Have a question for you. You say SYNTA has gone up to high based on the news we know now. What about the 5,000,000 dollar buy, the buy rec we have, the excellent results that have been released so far,the BIG buying going on. How do you dismiss that. It seems that anytime someone on this board says something about you, right away you tell that person that they are not intelligent. I was just making a comment, asking you why the need to post that you have sold. Now I ask you the same question per your post, Why tell others that you have bought. The only reason IMO is so others feel that they should buy. That way they can run the stock higher and YOU can sell. Looks to me that the reasons all come down to YOU making money. This of course is my opinion. I am posting that I am holding for higher prices. This is how I and Only I see your post. Have a Great Day.

    • I will say that my order filled in a really queer way. I've never seen so many odd lot fills on a single order. A couple of fills were actually for 1 share!

      That to me suggests a lot of algo activity, and a lot of manipulation.

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      • Manipulation does seem possible. 10 day average volume has doubled in the last few weeks. Pattern of heavy buying at/near open & close. High around noon and slip back for the last few days has been odd. Quite happy to have doubled up, was thinking of waiting for possible foreign rights agreement early next year, but you might be right to bail now. Valuation right now at $254M for $50 in bank and a couple of phase 2 drugs, seems right. I think this stock had catching up to do, but you never know. Patients in Phase II could come down with some side effect and they'd be out of money in a year we'd be down to $1.00 or less. For now I'm waiting it out.

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