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    • This data is preclinical. We need the clinical data described in the Edison or MLV reports.


      I count 11 cancer anti cancer proliferation pathways for ONE SINGLE drug. This is sensational, period. As of writing not many seems to care, why ?

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      • I like to follow the general interest level for Synta by looking at changes in these metrics on the web:
        1) Google Trends - trend changes in # searches and # news articles on Synta/Ganetespib
        2) Google Search - the volume of SYNTA/Ganetespib-related news articles (last hour, last 24-hours)
        3) the number of visitors to SYNTA's website
        4) the 'website last-updated' date on (see the website's main page)
        5) changes in the number of open job postings for jobs at Synta (see 'careers' page).
        6) Twitter - number of references to Synta stock, or to Ganetespib in Tweets

        Observation: Nearly all of the above metrics - to varying degrees- show slow, steady increases over the last 1-3 months. The problem is that there has been little if no mention of Ganetespib in the mainstream or 'popular' media. This is just my prediction only, but when we start to hear stories about Synta on CNN nightly-news, retail interest in this company will explode. Of course, increasing interest doesn't necessarily correlate with success in trials or the general success of Synta Pharma overall, but such interest may be useful as a proxy measurement by investors. For me, I know I'd stop in my tracks if I saw Dr. Gupta Singh on CNN talking about Ganetespib. Those before/after tumor shrinkage photos we've been looking at in 2011 would be enough (again, my opinion) to generate interest in Ganetespib once the clinical results are explained in terms the lay public can readily understand.

        Bottom-line: For a long time, $SNTA stock price has been heavily under the influence of MMs as well as algorithmic trading. My feeling is that there will a point where Synta will make the evening news broadcast and proceed to make headlines. That's when things will start to get interesting. Can you say 'going viral'?

        GLTAL, and make sure to do your own due diligence :-)

      • Somebody is walking the stock price down this morning, obviously wants 'in' at lowest cost. (Just check level 2 if you need confirmation)

      • Data is so encouraging! Hopefully the recent offering will bring in new sponsorship. If not, I guess we just have to wait for the interim GALAXY data in a few months.

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