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  • matt.byrd18 matt.byrd18 Mar 7, 2012 8:24 PM Flag

    Question for Ving

    Ving, I am heavily invested in KERX and AEZS and truly beleive in their drugs and companies. I have read your comments on each of these companies message boards and respect your analysis. It is for this reason that I have come to this board to check out this stock after your mentioning it as one of your favorite 3 bio plays. A couple of fairly loaded questions: 1) other than looking at their balance sheet, how do they sit with cash on hand relative to their lead drugs finishing phase III (should I be worried about deletion soon). 2) of all their drugs in trial, which are you most optimistic about and why. when will these particular drugs approach the finish of their phase III trials ( the reason I ask is because I have been in KERX since early 2009 and have seen the ridiculous manipulation and want to consider the time value of money if I decide to invest in this stock) 3) finally what do you see in terms of ultimate value in this stock as well as Kerx and AEZS both long term as well as short term. Thanks in advance as I would not be asking these questions from you specifically if I didn't value your opinion. Regards, Matt.

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    • You see all thes companies with 1-3 bill market cap in insignificant tumor markets like MF, or myelofibrosis (incyte) or HGSI with Lupus, rare conditions you have to be a patologist, or recent md-grad to have heard of.
      Listen we are into major league, lung, breast, head neck, stomack, pancreatic, melanoma s. Huge markets and a drug that not only benfits statisticians, but adds years of extra life to optionless patients.
      But we are still just a handfull on this board still, crazy, crazy.

    • Synta is hardly a virgin...Safi has screwed Synta many times over.

    • Not many investors knows of Synta. This is virgin territory, explored by the very few. I used to jump over the company earlier just found it peculiar it rose steeply from time to time. Then the exceptional market malaise hit and quenched the nsclc results, which were mindblowing. Otherwise it would have been 10-15 usd stock by now.

      PS: Elesclomol is the wildcard, I think the better oxygen tension in Aml could prove the drug and to turn some heads !

      Buy out could fetch between 5 to 10 bill, as that lump of money could just represent 1 year of annual sales in nsclc and breast cancer.

    • Hard ti imagine heavy insider and other large owners will sell unless fundamentals decrease.

    • Hello Matt: I will answe short and concise:

      1)It appear they have approx 80 mill or little less after the recent dilution. 50 +28 mill. Lots of ongoing trials are expensive but worth it. More dilutions isnt a problem as the drug Ganetespib is in my opinion THE most revolutionary drug out there at this time. And that fact makes any dilutive efforts innoecent.

      2)Nr 1 is the ALK mutation subset single agent in Nsclc, ORR of 88 percent is proof of concept and 75 percent tumor shrinkage 6 out of 8.
      Nr 2 is general Nsclc ( all varieties of mutations). Single agent pretreated gave more than 50 percent durable response rate, combined with synergistic taxane cyto I hope for more than 80 percent response rate.
      Nr 3 is Ganetespib in k-ras, a very common stubborn mutation.
      Nr 4 Ganetespib in AML, selected recently as the sole targeted therapy in a large European study.
      Nr5 Elesclomol in AML, post chemo, more oxygenated tumor tissue= better mitochondrial effect.
      Nr 6 lots of other promising trials plus 2 comming, Crizotinib/Ganetespib in ALK and GANETESPIB in breast cancer, Her pos.

      Given good interrims in April, management expect NDA at Christmas this year.

      Approove in lung and breast cancer plus, plus, it could earn 10 billion or considerably more annualy.

    • Wow. If you hate doing basic research (ie, things a simple Google search will tell) that much, then you really should just put your money in a CD and let the grown-ups deal with it.

      Oh, and welcome! :-)

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