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  • lizdan_7 lizdan_7 May 3, 2012 12:36 PM Flag

    No One responded to my anyone call post

    Ha Ha Ha ha. So many know it all's, yet not one response. Quite Laughable.

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    • I don't like the phrase "long precious metals"...makes it sound like I'm flipping platnium or rhodium or some other useless commodity for more worthless fiat. I am hoarding gold and silver in advance of the eminent collapse in the trust in our current monetary system. In a world of liars and thieves, gold will always be the most honest item around. Silver is slightly less honest (it will tarnish), but I expect my risk threshold to include it because people will be hocking their cutlery and candlesticks and what not to get by, making it the "poor man's currency" of choice.

      If you're not convinced, and want to hedge your bets, why not take the money out of the bank in the form of nickels? The value of the metal in a nickel is currently 5.3 cents, instantly giving you a 6% return on your investment (for more information go to

    • Not sure I'd say that I'm "long precious metals". That implies that I'm flipping platnium or rhodium or some other useless commodity for some more worthless fiat. I am hoarding just gold and silver, two metals with a tradition as money spanning the millenia, in advance of the collapse in the trust in the current monetary system. In a world filled with lying, thieving bastards, gold is the most honest item to be found. Silver is slightly less honest (it can tarnish), but I lower my risk threshold to include it because people without gold are going to be hocking their silver cutlery and candlesticks and what not to get by, making silver the "poor man's currency" of choice.

      If you want to hedge your bets, might I suggest that you take your money out of the bank in the form of nickels? The melt value of the metal in a nickel is worth more than five cents each...about 5.3 cents as of this writing, an immediate 6% return on investment (see for more info)

      You might be making money in the casino now...but you won't have any notice when the tsunami comes to wipe the casino away.

    • Being a billionaire is only proof that one has had success in the past. Many successful people have gone on to become unsuccessful, even bankrupt. Regardless, as I've already stated, relative to his net worth, Bruce really doesn't have much skin in the game. Synta's performance matters as much to him as it would for us spending $20 on lottery tickets.

      I have zero interest in calling Synta for "information" (ie, propaganda) They are not providing information that cannot be found on SEC filings and press releases out of the goodness of their heart. They work for Synta, and their job is make a biased sales pitch. The only value in the conference call for me is as a vehicle to express my views amongst other shareholders.

      I actually went so far as to go long during the call (bought 1000 shares around $4.05, sold around $4.11 near the end of the, I'm not counting that on my winning record) just so I could say that I was a shareholder. Even though I knew there was almost no chance they would let a lone bear on the air, like a fool, I hoped that calling lizdan's bluff would shut him up. But I keep forgetting that he is too dimwitted to accept the truth. I'll tie a little string on my keyboard to make sure I never forget that again.

    • Since as far as I know Hailstrom isn't an financial analyst, I see no reason for the company to entertain taking questions from him or anyone else (other than the analysts)during a conference call about the company earnings report.

    • Just pointing out that a board member with deep pockets keeps on buying and hasn't sold yet.

      So contrary to your lack of faith in the company, it appears he has some.

      I'd rather be on the billionaire's side than some guy posting on a message board.

      But hell you been right before, so we'll just have to wait and see.

    • Seriously, is that all you have? Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce?

      Nice volume today. I guess all the other sane and rational people who understood the con call don't post here.

    • Wow, hailstorm, you seem to be wrong on all counts.

      <1. Current management has already dropped the ball with a Phase 3 drug, because of a poorly crafted Phase 2. Phase 2 results mean nothing to me. I've no confidence they'll get things right this time around.>

      Historically good phase 2 results have been the biggest drivers of share price. As far as previous trials, why don't you explain exactly what went wrong with the previous trial involving a different drug on a different cancer, then explain why the phase 2/3 is making the same errors?

      <2. Language in the conference call leads me to believe that they are going to focus on a rather narrow subset of potential patients in Phase 3. This means that the Phase 3 will need to stretch on several years to get a decent sample size, and the potential market for this drug even if it does get approved will be quite limited. I'd say they would be lucky to gross $100 million a year in Ganetespib sales in the first year, and that's long after the float has been diluted to over 100 million shares (net earnings for Synta will of course be much less than that) They'll be lucky to keep the share price over $5. And that's the best case scenario that I see!>

      Using a sub-set for an initial assessment can still provide a very large pool of patients. This is the case for NSCLC, so even in the subgroup involves "only" 10% of the NSCLC cases, it is a very large group and larger than many cancer patient pools that have proven quite lucrative for other companies. This includes HCC for ONXX/Bayer. You also seem to be forgetting that an HSP-90 inhibitor that is potent AND exhibits limited toxicity will have a very broad potential usage. I find SNTA's approach to turin Ganetespib in several major cancers an excellent strategy.

      <3. A partner ain't coming, so there's nothing but dilution until the Phase 3 ends. So I see no reason to hurry to establish a long stake, certainly not any time this year.>

      HSP-90 inhibitors were of great interest to major pharmaceutical companies before the ocular and liver toxicities derailed it. Ganetespib seems to have the there won't be major interest in partnerships upon excellent data for the Galaxy trial, you are sadly mistaken. Just the NSCLC market alone, even if it were restricted to the ALK+ sub-group, which I am confident won't be the case in the long run, a Ganetespib partnership would be attractive. Given potential for not only broad usage in NSCLC in combination with other anticancer drugs, but in other major cancers, there will be great interest on good news.

      <Synta is a sucker's game. Short and mid term is dead money, and the long term potential is puny.>

      We will see about the sort and mid-term, but you are quite wrong about the see of long-term rewards with good data. I take the opposite view, that time is short before SNTA will make a nice upward move.

    • Right now the only biotech that I am long is vivus...I know their ED drug is not such a big deal but its gotta be worth something. Also, it appears their weight loss drug has the best chance at approval then comes the hype of takeover rumors whether true or not. You were interested in synta at one time...why or why not are you interested in any other biotechs? I know you are long precious metals but the right trades will let you buy more of them, right?

    • The billionaire on the Board of Directors must feel differently.

    • They wouldn't take my call.

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      • Ha Ha Ha Ha. I just read your post. Picture this I am laughing so hard I am crying. They wouldn't take my call. Yeah they knew you would twist them in circles, Ha Ha Ha Ha. I can just see the operator, ( Hail is trying to ask a question, Response from Company, Do not take his call, Hail's questions put us on the spot,) Ha Ha Ha Ha.

        You did post this right this was your post

        ( They would not take my call ) Please stop it laughing way to hard.

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