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  • wilderguide wilderguide Jul 14, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    Dr Suresh Ramalingam on HSP-90i with Ganetespib

    Targetedhcdotcom 7/11/13....This commentary bodes well for the future of Ganetespib.

    "The promise with ganetespib is that by inhibiting Hsp90, multiple oncoproteins that fuel lung cancer would also be simultaneously inhibited. This theory was tested in the phase II GALAXY-1 trial that explored ganetespib as a second-line treatment for patients with advanced lung adenocarcinoma. When compared to docetaxel, ganetespib improved overall survival by 2.4 months. Moreover, Ramalingam notes, these outcomes were more pronounced in patients diagnosed at least 6 months prior to treatment, with an overall survival improvement of 4.3 months.
    As it stands, this is the first randomized trial to document efficacy for Hsp90 inhibition in cancer, Ramalingam suggests. If this remains true in a phase III trial there will be broad implications in other types of cancer. "

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    • Wilder OT: These are volatile little suckers (SNTA and INO). The INO board doesn't seem to have anyone on it capable of discussing intelligently the science. Worries me a little. I don't even see you over there although I assume you still own it. I have starter positions in both of these in preparation for my partial exit out of PCYC, and or, these guys actually doing something and taking off. I like them both but am , I think, realistic about the odds of big success. Always a long shot in the land of biotech with the Wizard of FDA at the controls.

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      • $$$$
        Sounds to me as if though you recognize the risks, you just need to assure yourself that you have the appetite for those risks. I like both, but am playing them conservatively. SNTA could conceivably monetize Ganetespib by the end of 2014...and I put INO at 4-5 years before realizing any revenues from their bird-flu or HIV vaccines - lots can happen in five years. But, if they carry current preclinical results into the clinic, that bad boy could blow the lid off
        If you think you like the electroporation play, take a look at ONCS. Personally, I think electroporation therapy works quite well as an alternative to surgery, and the side effect profile is optimal for patient recovery...but it may become antiquated quickly with the next generation of targeted ADC's.
        Determining risk is yours very personal decision. I gotta admit, sometimes I lIke the heat. The payoff can justify the risk. Besides, you can't take it with you, eh?

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