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  • eyegeewhiz eyegeewhiz Jul 31, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    Females and ganetespib

    For those of you on the board who actually think (that would make the sample size even smaller than the current announcement) does anyone suspect that the drug works better on women than men? That is what slide 33 on the corporate presentation seems to indicate but afterwards they say there was no correlation. I remember a couple of years back there was a woman with leukemia who tried ganetespib in order to acheive short term remission and therefore enable her to have a successful bone marrow transplant. It worked!

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    • eyegeewhiz, Don't spend any time on fool like this topo54 shorting clown. I have been talking about the Forrest Plots from the 2nd-line NSCLC trials for sometime and soon after the interim Galaxy-1 data came out. Clearly women getting Ganetepspib + Docetaxel did very well in both the ITT and 6month population. Lung cancer in women can be influenced by Estrogens, and estrogen binding receptor proteins are a major client of HSP09, making them excellent targets for HSP90 inhibitors. That is why I said a few months ago that the strong efficacy in women seen in the NSCLC trial bodes well for the breast cancer trial, especially in HER+. I also makes me very interested in seeing what the data for the Ganetespib + Paclitaxel arm in the ENCHANT-1 trial will look like.

      Idiot shorts amaze me. According to those imbeciles, I am supposed to be upset that SNTA was $5 two days ago and is now $6.60. The same fools were saying I should be upset when ONXX dropped from $136 to $128 in two days after it had risen from the low $80s to the $130s in a week. Just look at the pathetic lives these shorts and day traders have, waiting breathlessly about whether a stock price will move higher or lower every few minutes but producing nothing of value for anyone. Spending minute after minute posting the same worthless non-sense on yahoo message boards in a futile hope that they can influence others in order to make a buck. What a waste of life.

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