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  • lexkyvol lexkyvol Sep 30, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    jfk's predictions, just in the last 2 weeks.

    - SNTA is a candidate for a buyout (like every other public stock, but he gave no reason SNTA was special)
    - SNTA will announce a partnership by the end of the month. Uh, you got about 4 hours left on that one.
    - Ignore Bolinger Bands, SNT is moving up $ not cents
    - Ignore posts from Dr. V., he's such a small player for the upcoming tsunami
    - SNTA will be at $12+ if big news on Monday.

    Please no one respond to his constant and inane posts.

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    • This one is funny. I am proud to be on the short hit list.

    • lexkyvol, ha, ha, you are a phony guy. I will stack my accurate and sober posts about SNTA against those by the superficial pumper JFK anytime. I feel sorry for you if you think that guy is a font of wisdom. Here is one of mine you from Sept 25th that you should read.

      "Respitamycin had liver and ocular toxicity issues because of its hydrophobicity. INFI converted it to a salt, respitamycin:HCl in the hopes the ionic form would not have toxicity issues. the problem is that 50% of the salt converts in the blood, due to blood pH) back to the free base. They had to lower the dosage to make sure it wouldn't reach toxic levels and there was no guarantee the salt would be as efficacious.

      The idea that if one HSPi inhibitor fails means all will fail is absurd. there are many tyrosine kinase inhibitors on the market and they have different efficacies in different cancer types. An excellent example is the comparison of Sutent and Nexavar. The failure of Respitamycin is INFI specific, and as such I think this is a buying opportunity regarding SNTA"

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