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  • jfk123_1 jfk123_1 Oct 15, 2013 3:53 PM Flag


    I might miss out on a move up, but this can be a major move to the downside tomorrow. Live to fight another day.

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    • This reminds me of one of my favorite Peter Lynch quotes,
      "If you spend more than 13 minutes analyzing economic and market forecasts, you've wasted 10 minutes."

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      • 1 Reply to johndeaton23
      • Stop quoting Peter Lynch, you are no Peter Lynch. The fact is that most money has stayed put on the assumption that a debt deal gets done. I was happy to stay put until my own deadline of 3pm yesterday - imposed when the Senate deal was put off because the House Republicans showed their idiocy yet again. If there is even an inkling this morning or this afternoon that anyone will cause even a bit of trouble in passing this through, the markets are going to tank. They left this well to the last minute, and there is zero room for any additional trouble before they take this to tomorrow. Does this mean that they default? No, I don't think so. They will still get a deal this week. But the markets will implode for sure. So this is not macroeconomic analysis or being "weak willed" - it is pure common sense and capital preservation. I still remember when Lehman was allowed to go bust - the talking heads said no problem, this is good, the markets will rally now that we have introduced discipline and rid ourselves of moral hazard. Yeah, sure did. I am positive that 99% of people who held into the opening of trade then had wished afterwards they had been less greedy and sold. What is going on in Washington is not macroeconomics, it is not just another tussle. If they don't have a deal by this afternoon, the markets will have to sell off and not hold, having to discount a default. I have been doing this a long time, so take my words and attack, but there is nothing to attack if you are rationale.

    • xx369 Oct 15, 2013 5:04 PM Flag

      When ever the market can have a big move up or down, a option straddle on an index fund has a low risk high probability of paying off.

    • Ok, you are chicken out. A coward can never make big money under fear.

      I am all in with some margin. My account more than double this year, so I have enough to lose. With so much panic, SNTA still hold above 6. Serous investors know this is a bottom. You could lose a penny, but more likely you will win a dollar.

    • Well, you could have told everyone to get out I did.

      But, maybe I am one of the "losers" you are talking about? Well, I'll just take my extra $0.25/share profit and "scram" then.

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      • 2 Replies to toadear
      • Bye Bye Toadear. If you are being honest, I expect that we will not be hearing from you again.

      • Listen d*$khead, most of my money was in MU like I told people here yesterday and the day before. I made good money on that today, booked the gain and got out. As for SNTA, I make my decisions on how things develop and I clearly put 3 o'clock as a key point today, and when the negotiations didn't go the right way, I am out. It is called discipline, and I have loads of it. That is why I will beat your little pansy #$%$ up and down the street any day of the week when it comes to the market. Just remember that you little troll.

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