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  • goodbrain007 goodbrain007 Oct 27, 2013 7:33 AM Flag

    My Own Questions about Ganetespib, Galaxy 1 & 2 have been answered :)

    1) was it a good idea to start Galaxy 2 before g1 was finished.
    2) people benefit from G in addition to soc.
    3) was it smart to LOAD up on shares prior to the results this weekend.
    4) 12 mth price targets correct.
    ............? yes !!! oh (h)(e)(L)(L) yes!.....:)

    hey Adam, i kick you in the Mailbag......just like i did with YMI last Dec :) !!!

    "Our strategy with the GALAXY lung cancer program has been to use a large, global Phase 2b trial to increase the probability of a positive outcome in Phase 3," said Dr. Safi R. Bahcall, President and CEO, Synta. "We designed the GALAXY-1 trial, which enrolled close to 400 patients in total, to address two primary questions: (1) how to optimize patient selection for Phase 3 and (2) how to reduce the operational risks from heterogeneous populations and treatment patterns that often confound large, pivotal studies. The one-year follow-up results from GALAXY-1 address both these questions, confirming our choices for patient selection and increasing our confidence in a positive outcome for the ongoing GALAXY-2 trial."

    shorts will begin to FRY this week................JMHO

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    • adam fuerestein has done our , even before the final news...monday c.c. ,poster,and tuesday. It's amusing to see a schmuck like Adam in so much know...bashing on a Sunday. I'll keep betting on snta.....and we will just see what happens this week. I wonder who is actually interpreting the stats for Adam? because he doesn't have the mental capacity himself.think i'll just kick him in the mailbag.MHO

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    • Agreed....SNTA's plan to identify the patient population that can benefit from the addition of ganetespib is a great strategy. The fact that there is an established safety profile adds to the value of the product. The use in breast cancer will be very interesting and continue to build value. GLTA.

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      • i don't see the excitement on this board? i think the news is BIG. monday 8am c.c. may cover monday and tues posters?
        "Antimetastatic activity of ganetespib: preclinical studies and assessment of new lesion growth in the GALAXY-1 NSCLC trial"

        Abstract #: P1.01-007 Session: Poster Session 1 - Cancer Biology Date and Time: Monday, October 28. 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM local time Location: Exhibit Hall, Ground Level Presenter: Vojo Vukovic, M.D., Ph.D., Synta Pharmaceuticals, Lexington, MA

        "Novel mechanisms of sensitivity and acquired resistance to Hsp90 inhibition by ganetespib"

        Abstract #: MO12.01 Session: Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers III Date and Time: Tuesday, October 29. 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM local time Location: Parkside Ballroom B, Level 1 Presenter: Sara Busacca, Ph.D., University of Leicester, Leicester, UK
        and the safety??? is here.............

        The proportions of patients with AEs leading to death were 15% vs. 12%, and AEs leading to treatment discontinuation were 7% vs. 6% for G+D vs. D, respectively. A high incidence of visual impairment has been reported following treatment with certain other Hsp90 inhibitors. Consistent with prior findings with ganetespib, reports of visual impairment in this study were infrequent: 2 (2%) in the G+D arm and 0 (0%) in the D arm. Both cases of visual impairment were transient and were grade 1 or 2. The safety profile of patients in the chemosensitive population being evaluated in Phase 3 (diagnosis 6 months) was comparable to the profile in the intent-to-treat population.
        ka-boom!............"out goes the lights" the shorts turn.JMHO

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    • my prognostication for Monday will be, open at $7+ and head towards $10 this week, may even close above $10 by Friday Nov 1st.JMHO

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