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  • jfk123_1 jfk123_1 Oct 27, 2013 9:23 PM Flag

    JFK to AF - back off basher hack you got this wrong

    Writing articles on Sunday evening - means only one thing, shorts are scared.

    Some points which AF conveniently ignores or twists:

    1) the biomarker identifying when Ganetespib does not work has been identified and named
    2) the company did not cherry pick the chemo responder group in order to have a more favourable control arm survival comparitor. This is absurd, and the company should sue him for printing this. As it stands, the 7 month figure is closer to what would normally be expected given years of clinical evidence.
    3) The study is pretty much finished. Almost all events have been registered. And the data shows a strong signal and indicates a successful phase 3. The shorts were not short because there could be a decay of yhe hazard ratio, they were short because they were betting that tge hazardratii would hace been decimated beyond. 90, they were hoping that the strong decay shown between the end of ladt year and June would have continued and destroyed prospects for phase 3. This clearly did not happen.
    4) The data is extremely positive with the removal of the two European outliers. This is not cherry picking, the company is not redrawing tbe data based on predictve factors, it is simply eliminating twodata sources which are actually out of the scope of the data sampling.

    AF is scared.

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