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  • jupiter_symphony33 jupiter_symphony33 Nov 18, 2013 6:47 PM Flag

    think about this

    not long ago the stock fell victim to a massive take down - for no good reason

    (unless you consider a sector-wide correction & media manipulation good reasons)

    now the stock is beginning to go back up - for several good reasons

    (massive insider buying, up and coming positive catalysts)

    making money for no good reason = getting lucky
    making money for a good reason = smart investing

    not long ago on this msg board a short posted that the insiders here are bad investors, because they have continually bought shares of SNTA year after year.

    this shows ignorance about the difference between trading and investing. you could say they are bad traders, because they have no taken advantage of short term swings, but fortunately the goal of management is not to profit from short term swings in their company's stock, so you can't call them bad traders.

    what is amazing is how reluctant most insiders in most companies are to put ANY of their own money on the line. there are many companies considered much less risky than SNTA which have had clear positive catalysts whose insiders have never bought a dime of stock. Some insiders only buy token amounts every once in a blue moon.

    SNTA insiders, on the other hand, buy continually, and the amounts they are buying are increasing, not decreasing. Kovner's latest purchase is his biggest ever.

    think about this, do you think investors are putting so much of their own money into this company for a good reason? and how do the shorts reasons for shorting stack up against the insiders reasons for investing?

    let that clarify for you which side of the trade you want to be on. do you want to join the swing traders on this forum who change their long/short every five minutes, and who will end up bankrupt one day as a result of their hyperactivity, or do you want to join Kovner et all, who will make the dollars, the massive profits, one day down the line by holding strong and doing nothing on the dips but BUY MORE?


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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