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  • cameron_tigers08 cameron_tigers08 Dec 26, 2013 11:14 AM Flag

    Go home illogical pumpers and bashers

    Been in this one for a while and will continue to keep my position but I'm sick of Pete's brother and Easter Europe adding all this illogical nonsense every time I check the board. It is old news and we all know you really know nothing at all. With that said, the big boys aren't going to sell. Me and Bruce and the rest of us are laughing while we burn our cigars. You guys who post nonsense make our days. Happy New Years small fish. If you want to be respected you can't pump everyday, you make yourself look comical and stupid all at the same time proving you own less than 200k. Hahahaha little bears and bulls don't make it out alive.

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    • SNTA is the ultimate revolving door.

      It's interesting to see how often someone comes on this board making big predictions, spams the board like crazy, then suddenly disappears in a cloud of smoke, usually finding that what they have predicted has not come to pass.

      meanwhile I continue to accumulate more shares on dips with an eye to the future.

      I have sometimes asked myself why so few investors so many day / short term traders post on Yahoo. Judging by the time horizons of most posters on stocktwits and yahoo, the only reason these people post is that they really believe their posting can drive the price in the direction they want it to go. this is a big delusion, but it is the only reason to explain why short term/day traders are so motivated to post that they swamp these forums, while long term investors are almost never seen.

      another interesting thing is that on Yahoo many short term traders not only spam boards with pumping/dumping posts, but they also make elaborate arguments for why one should NOT invest, and should NOT buy and hold, but should ONLY trade. I don't know if they are really so ignorant that they really believe this or if this is just another psychological tactic of theirs to try to scare the readers of these boards who don't know any better to buy and sell their shares on every up or down tic.

      at any rate, total hysteria on the yahoo mbs is the general rule every time a stock moves up or down a few percent in a day.

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      • Your summation of the SNTA message board is very good. I agree that the Yahoo MBs are polluted by the day traders and short term gamblers....(I do not want to call them investors). SNTA has bounced up and down and is considered a high risk stock in a high risk sector....biotech.

        Although risky, the stock has quite an impressive group of individuals consisting of insiders and firms that are already invested and continuing to invest in SNTA for the long term. After considering the investors and the science behind ganetespib and the HDC platform, I am convinced that SNTA will become a winning investment. It may take a little time but there are many positive pivotal points along the way that will push this stock price up into double digits and beyond.

        Onward through the fog....

        Thanks for your post.

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    • Big Iggy.Flush and away you go...........

    • I got news for ya bro. ANYONE who posts on a yahoo message board is NOT a big fish. You sir are no big fish, so stop the BS ok. 'burn cigars laughin'....if you knew so much, you wouldn't have to check these stupid message boards for information than would you?

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      • Yo 'bro' I guess you didn't understand the part where I said, 'this serves as a comedy' or 'satire'...I really don't know what's more unbecoming, your posts, your threats to quartile, or your magical ITT super powers...o please don't track me down...but if you do trust me I will not lose any sleep. And you wouldn't know what a big fish does because you have zero in your circle. Like I said petite, stay where you belong...there are levels to this whizz it...glad to know I illicit a response from you I got just the reaction I was aiming for, sad thing is you're dumb enough to fall for it and probably stupid enough to give me the pleasure of doing it in the future quit wasting your time, carpel tunnel is a witch!

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