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  • locke12 locke12 Mar 26, 2014 1:41 PM Flag

    Remember December

    For those of you that have been on this board since December, do you remember a guy named Ivan? Most of you might remember him as a pumper, I kind of thought the same thing however he stated factual information, he just real excited about minor announcements and acted like they would blow this stock to heaven. Clearly that never happened and he has since disappeared. One thing he mentioned back then was this relationship between the hedge funds and the short playing. He said something to the tune of; Caxton or some other fund would lend out their shares to another fund to artificially drive the price down. Then at whatever time, they would call those shares back, creating a short squeeze. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but look at the chart from October to March. Almost identical events have occurred (someone quit, someone got hired) and the financial data has remained consistent. Synta wasn't going to surprise at earnings, everyone knew that. We knew it back in November. We knew the same data that was going to be presented in December. The only difference now is people are scared because of some made up biotech bubble and the CEO departure. Why the sudden appointment of an industry expert that just retired? IMO, he was doing someone on the board a favor to keep it from really tanking. I don't think he is taking a real interest in the development of Ganetispib.

    It is to obvious that there is going to be another short squeeze. I'm not going to guess on when. The facts are Ganetispib is being tested in other applications. It doesn't take much to move this stock, nor does it take much for 1,000,000 shares to be purchased by one person who wants this to launch.

    When there is panic and fear, I'm buying.

    Sentiment: Buy

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