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  • xx369 Mar 27, 2014 3:17 AM Flag

    Fairy tale...........

    A very long time ago when wireless phone demand was growing, a company called American Tower was a dominant player in the much needed cell tower space.. Although investors were using wireless phones they did not realize that their phones would not work with out cell towers.
    During a market sell off believe it or not American Towers went to .25 cents. A similar thing can happen to SNTA.

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    • if you were so confident that snta will fail, why bother posting? simply wait for what you believe will inevitably happen. shorts posting day after day and driving a snta shares down on light volume smells like one thing to me..... desperation..... you care about me as little as i care about you, so quit pretending to be looking out for my best interest.... as i said, in 2015 we will see who wins this....

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    • True...That could Happen. But let me tell you another story. A, not so long time ago, a small company hoping to cure the ailments of sick people received FDA approval for Thalamid. They then continued to grow and expand into the modern day Celgene. Investors at that time, willing to see their investment drop to .25 were rewarded with millions. Two stories...two ending's. Besides "Fairy Tales" always have a happy ending. I'm in, and taking the risk. I'll either lose 10K or I'll call you from my coastal property in Hawaii in a few years. Hmmm. lose 10K, coastal's worth the risk. lol Of course the REAL happy ending to my story is that the "shortie" who WAS living in the coastal property got trapped in a massive short story upon proof of the effectiveness of the treatment. He now lives in a box in downtown LA.

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