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    Fund Ownership

    Fidelity Select Biotechnology Portfolio was a major winner with MNKD... Does anyone want to take a guess who SNTA largest mutual fund holder is? I'll answer for you; Fidelity Select Biotechnology Portfolio... There position hasn't changed from the information that I've gathered. If someone can fact check me, that would be great. Furthermore, I wonder if there fund manager or analyst agree that it's only worth a $1, HIGHLY UNLIKELY.... Pretty solid 1 yr, 3 yr and 5 yr returns; +84.34%, +47.56% and +34.20% respectively. Start buying, start telling your friends to buy and don't let the short get out with a free pass. I want to see a close above $10 by the end of May. Then reduce your position if you feel the need.

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    • I own a small amount of SNTA. The entire Biotech sector has been on fire the last couple of years. I could careless if some Fund Manager from Fidelity who runs a Biotech Portfolio has been on fire. 7 good years 7 bad years. Bottom line a monkey could have invested in Biotech and brought in good returns.

      The Facts Remain with SNTA

      Do they have a blockbuster drug in the future? WHO KNOWS.

    • You are...CORRECT !

      See Fidelity below under BOTH Institutional holders and Funds (It may take two post to include all holders.):

      Shares Held
      Position Value
      Percentage of
      Total Holdings
      since 4/3/14
      % Owned
      of Shares
      Outstanding Turnover
      Caxton, Corp.

      28.6M $150,083,289 +32% 33.5% Low
      Kovner (Bruce)

      20.9M $93,706,897 +23% 24.4% Low
      CxSynta, L.L.C.

      7.8M $34,850,105 +9% 9.1% Low
      Fidelity ...

      4.0M $20,918,620 +4% 4.7% Low
      Jennison ...

      4.0M $20,753,796 +4% 4.6% Low
      Gollust (Keith R)

      3.2M $16,125,835 +4% 3.7% Low
      BlackRock ...

      2.9M $15,149,191 +3% 3.4% Low
      Bahcall (Safi R)

      2.5M $10,715,161 +3% 3.0% Low
      Chen (Lan Bo)

      2.4M $21,533,302 +3% 2.8% --
      JP Morgan Asset ...

      1.7M $8,710,955 +2% 2.0%

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    • Locke, you think MNKD is still a buy? Still a huge short position in that stock. I would think a 2-3 day rally is likely. Thinking about a small position in the a.m. depending on pre-market...maybe 1000 shares

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    • Agreed

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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