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  • neiljneil neiljneil Apr 8, 2014 12:38 PM Flag

    The original crash..

    SNTA crashed late last year not because ganetesbib failed but rather that the product did not appear to work quite as well as earlier tests. So instead of the product being super great it was only excellent.. This stock was oversold based on that news when it went to $5. What has happened since is beyond my understanding. I bought more again today because I just can't help myself and now have a very significant position. If any more sophisticated posters can explain what happened better than I did please do. Regardless, any buys here will make money and I guarantee it! (OK I can't but it is highly probable).

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    • It's a broad area that's being sold off. A large firm like Stifel giving it a thumbs down based on fundamental valuations certainly didn't help. The buzz on the street is if isn't making money, then it will just have wait until buyer get back in the game. That goes for everybody. If you have followed this company, then yes buying at this price will make you money 6 months or less. I remember distinctly the comment Bachall made when the trial failed in 2009, "nothing short of a train falling off a cliff and landing on my head is what it feels like right now." I can almost guarantee that the BOD was not going to let that happen again. It's being traded for what it's worth right now, not future value. The scientist and doctors that I've spoken with about HsP90 tell me that this is a tough nut to crack. I've been holding and accumulating for a long time, playing this simply for a buyout. It remains to be seen at this point. A partnership for funding to get through trials will get us back to the 7's, but that isn't what the BOD wants. They want a 700 million dollar licensing and so does the street. Ithat kind certainly seems like we're closer than farther away, but the management transition needs to be understood. No one in this company is talking either, no one. Not a single person. Not even to people that aren't interested in the stock market or investing, no peers chatting . Stifel and BMO thinks that kind of silence is why the company is a sell while others still rate it a buy. The question you should consider researching is why it ran to only $11... Options were granted but can't be exercised until 6, ex-CEO agrees not to sell out of respect, Singh get hired and then quits... One thing that does come to my mind, if they were to do another offering to raise capital then it seems like a good time to do it. It's looks a lot like November right now.

    • i don't understand the retract in stock price either, only answer: big guys and big fish running the market....i believe with time, you will be substantially rewarded; however, Synta is going to have to deliver with data or some kind of announcement before this stock begins to climb but quite frankly there is no reason for the depreciation so at these levels all i'm saying is "buy buy buy" i tell all my clients, don't judge me on my winners judge me on my losers----why? because i have so few

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      • cameron - I am not too proud to pick up good ideas from other investors. Based on your comment about having few losers and you sharpness to invest here please let me know if you have any good ideas for stock investments. I can help you on any energy investing as that is my true expertise though I do try to stay well rounded and somewhat diversified.

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