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  • elliottsnucks elliottsnucks Apr 17, 2014 12:49 PM Flag

    Nothing doing until they hire a CEO...

    I sure hope that 5mil via Kovner was to help the cash flow in order to hire a big wig CEO. How long can the board run this show, like seriously... get someone in place already! SNTA is seriously #$%$ me off.

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    • forgot to add
      3) $5 when they have $91M in cash already is not much, except from the fact an insider is buying, very temporary cash infusion adds less than one month to cash flow
      4) why hire a CEO you have to give a golden parachute and stock to when you are selling the company, a though or speculation on my part.

    • 1) boards are suppose to run companies even though few do
      2) they have a CFO that is suppose to step in when CEO is not available.
      take your short position and leave, or if you are long enjoy the chance to add, I have added 10k shares today and if it drops more I will add more, original purchase 4.37 then at 4.17, then 3.99 and 3.98 for 20k shares and willing to buy another 50k shares if opportunity arises.

      • 1 Reply to rlbeard6734
      • So you have bought 4 different times.... each buy was at a weaker price. Do you see a trend here? Look at the charts man. Looks to me as if this one is heading downwards.
        I own enough SNTA already. I will sit long on it but like I said in my TOPIC. Nothing doing until they hire a CEO. Why on earth are you predicting a buy-out? SNTA won't get bought out unless they get FDA approval on one of there drugs and they're a long way's away.
        I sure hope you have endless pockets of money cuz your going to be buying and buying and buying.
        Don't get me wrong, I like SNTA but I don't agree with your throught proccess.

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