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  • cmegladon cmegladon Aug 3, 2007 9:43 AM Flag

    The Tape does not lie!

    Gimme a break! Over 10 years. Management gets high pay. Shareholders portfolio being cut to pennies. Green light for P3 but no one is interested.
    Yeah, you have a gem that no one but you understands AND now another SHELF hanging over you. Any hype to get the price up with result in another offering and down she goes again.

    Yeah, a real uncut, gem! Wake up. Pouring more money into this only pours money into....oh never mind. Talking to deaf ears.

    Ask yourself this question. After all these years, does the scientific community believe any of this. Yes. 66 cents worth.
    Disclosure-I hold no shares, am not short. Just relaying my opinion, which is worth at least the prce per share, if not more!

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    • same beef just different poster id

      will be lookin for an update by cmegladon id

      • 1 Reply to cod59frauder
      • Sheesh.
        No beef. I made a simple, logical request of the company, and posted the same as my suggestion for any shareholder to consider.
        I consider the facility and it's timely completion as a measurement on the timeline.

        Same person here. Except as I disclosed, something caused me to get back in.
        I disclosed when we started buying (just family members).
        Don't know, nor do I care what anyone's beef is.
        I have my own agenda. To make money. Not a cheerleader. Not a basher.
        Fortunately, anytime I buy now, I am averaging up.
        Only time will tell if I continue, add or get out.
        Not up to me. It's up to the company.

    • Well, then maybe you can explain to all of us just why you are here? You don't own the stock and you don't think that anyone is or should be interested. So, why are you here belly aching and complaining like it's that time of the month?

      The tape don't lie you say. Well missy, I think it has confused the crap out of you because you ain't got a clue. So why don't you go and haunt some other board because you are really boring all of us.

      Get some prozac and buy some pet fish. ZZZZZ.

    • u mean I am not Xaiolin? LOL!!!

      Are you Darryl or Jay Abella?

    • cod have a good weekend.let me know if sol comes to his senses.

    • Now for the million oops I mean 66 cent question.Why would someone with no shares or vested interest in a penny stock biotech thats way off the radar of mainstream wall street be on this message board???? Hmmmm

      • 3 Replies to mrclean04
      • Now for the million oops I mean 66 cent question.Why would someone with no shares or vested interest in a penny stock biotech thats way off the radar of mainstream wall street be on this message board???? Hmmmm

        Exactly!!!! The fools think the rest of us are all fools. It's either that or they really don't have lives and are just crazy and spend their time living through a board of an obscure penny stock that the world has not yet recognized. Which means they must have stolen the keys and escaped from the Asylum.

      • You are on dumbass S.O.B., u have no clue what I have anymore than I do you.

        Now how come you dont jump on Tommy for owning shares and dissing the company and calling the CEO a crook? U deekhead.

      • To answer your question; As I said in an earlier post, I have invested, watched, read , about as much as "almost" anyone on this board for a loooong time.
        Vested interest? Hey, I still read about what they are up to and owe no one an explanation. At this point, it's just entertainment.
        My intent is to voice an opinion, which is what anyone is doing here.
        No hidden agenda and just like I seemed to appear from out of nowhere, I will disappear.
        If there is a meterial change in the company (negative) I doubt I will gloat, 'cause in fact, it would be a wonderful thing for this or any company to succeed with any life saving drug or treatment.
        Nuff said.

        Good luck.

    • Completely right.I would add that the same who speak about 9$ EPS or pps targets of 300$ WILL BE the first ones to sue who we know in a class action and argue they were misled by the management.
      History always repeats itself,no cmegladon?

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