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  • codfather_59 codfather_59 Sep 4, 2007 4:23 PM Flag


    I feel very sorry for you. Someone of your minimal intelligence servers as nothing but a piggy bank for smarter people. Keep waiting for CVM to hit the homerun. the ballfield is not even in sight!

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    • You little pinhead. First of all, learn to construct a sentence.

      Secondly your imaginary corner is nothing but that, IMAGINARY! LOL! You think this board matters? LOL!!!

      I need no one to slap around a punk bitch like yourself, so lets be clear on that. Anhui is no one I know and dont need him/her. The FACTS remian pinhead. CVM has YET to start enrolling into P3 and the chart reflects that. ACEL is heading higher pending P3B FINAL results, again, read the charts. If you had sold CVM just a couple days ago and bought ACEl you would be in the green BIG TIME and heading higher yet. I guess 20% gain in a couple days means nothing to you? IDIOT!

      BTW when you talk does your mommas asshole stretch its ugly lips? LMAO fool! Phuck you pinhead!

      Read my posts, ACEL is a winner. CVM heading lower!!! You got balls or just stupidity ????

    • Now that was a well thought out coherent comment from an intelligent shrewd ambitious stock trader.As usual you go from a pontificating stock guru to a little potty mouthed moron who exposes his lack of intelligence and with his little lachy anhui just babbles without thinking.Whether the stock goes to 6 cents or 6 dollars you have proven to be a very unformidable poster and human.I have most in m y corner and you have one little anhui lol

    • Your mother must be proud giving birth to a living turd such as yourself. I guess thats what happen when one shacks up with the scum of the earth.

    • Your attempts to read my employment are as amusing as your failed predictions in the stock world.You think that if you say a million dumb things and 5 smart ones than you accomplished something.You have hedged every statement so no matter what happens you can say you were right.The art of the spin is reserved for the intellectual.Now show some balls.Is this stock headed for 30 cents or not?Is acel destined for greatness or not.Cmon mr flip flop.Remember you have a couple rotating retards trhat come and go in trheir undying support of every word you say.Riverpap Jeff Braisted and now the newcomer Anhui.Cvm is a company with management that so far has left alot to be desired so far.No other reason why the stock has had spasms up and down based on the Max and Geert seemingly endless manipulation.Having said that I didnt buy this stock solely to flip and day trade.I took a small gamble that I might make a little cash and if it worked help make the world a better place.Not everyone is a greedy skeptical vengeful piece of s--t like you

    • Never once said I was waiting for a home run nor do I expect to.Ive tried many times to get a coherent answer as to why anyone would pump mindlessly or bash.My main question to you is and always has been why be here if you dont have a vested interest in this stock?Besides the newly found shares you say you just found you have never said anything semi positive and when one is to far to the left or right so they cant find any middle ground it is a sign of something being wrong.I have never pumped this stock just tried to keep a positive attitude while you ripped everyone involved including shareholders and every employee of CVM

      • 1 Reply to mrclean04
      • <<<My main question to you is and always has been why be here if you dont have a vested interest in this stock?Besides the newly found shares you say you just found you have never said anything semi positive and when one is to far to the left or right so they cant find any middle ground it is a sign of something being wrong.>>>

        Well I do have a vested interest, Ive stated that. Do you think I need to disclose how much I own to you or anyone else or when I buy and sell? You are not the moderator and nowhere on Yahoo does it say when someone can or cant post.
        Why arent you jumping all over Tommy? He hasnt had anything positive to say but yet you tolerate him? Go figure. Let me say, he calls Geert and Max and their cronies criminals in a nce way? LOL!!! u idiot.

        And I have said things positive about CVM. Go back and read the posts again pinhead. I said Orphan was a positive. I said the P3 green light was a positive. Is there much more that I should deem positive? The facts are my little organ grinding monkey, is that there is no trial taking place and the DELAY is no ones fault BUT management. What company awaiting a greenlight for a LONG awaited trial would allow themselves to run out of MK, by a mere one monbth of the expiration of the contract with Cambrex. For a stinking million dollars, this trial could be taking place. But NO, they allowed it to lapse! PISS POOR MANAGEMENT! In the meantime the want to authorize another 300 million shares on top of an all time hgih of 111 million shares and P3 has not started! DOH!!!

        IF you wish to give them kudos for a job well done, well that is YOUR option just as its mine to criticize themk. I paid for the right. Capish?? Yesterday I voted shares for 3 accounts I control, and they probably amount to much more than you have ever seen. Am I happy that most are owned much higher than 60 cents? PHUCK NO! This stock and company should have taken off long ago. The fact is, they have not. There are more negatives to deal with than positives at this point but hey, Im prepared to ride it right into the ground. Win lose or draw. I sure hope you are ready to put up with me becasue I will be around until something happens either way. Simply put, if you dont like what I post, dont read it. You are carrying the weight of hatred, vendetta and vengeance but its for me and Im not the one who is controlling your shares' destiny you putz. Get some coffeee and wake up pal. You dont know who your enemy is.

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