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  • anhui23 anhui23 Sep 11, 2007 10:41 AM Flag

    Question only for Codfather

    The coming annual shareholder meeting will be held on Friday in Z�rich,Switzerland.It is a mistery for me why it is there, as cvm is a us company listed on an us exchange.
    I dont think a lot of shareholders will be present.There is also the important vote about the 300 millions shares.

    Just wanted to have ur opinion on this.Thanks

    P.S.The usual suspects are kindly asked to stay away from this question, as they proved on many occasions to be incompetent in cvm matters.Thanks in advance.

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    • Why has sadnock, alias Berford, suddenly become a favorite codfrauder_59 ID? So transparent. Gotta luv the way that sadnock codfrauder_59 ID was pumpin MVIS last year when it was ober 4 bucks a share and now MVIS is around a buck a share!

      I tink, 4 sur, codfrauder_59 can really pick lozr stocks just b4 they have a death spiral.

      What a goonerwannabe!

    • Incompetent? Why you asel hohe, dumkompf, kleiner knabe. They are having the meeting in Zurich because unbeknownst to you , the two prinicples of the company happen to be from the Nederlands and are E.U. citizens. There is great interest throughout the Deutsche speaking welt in this company and has been for a long time. They have held annual meetings in Deutschland in the past but perhaps you were not paying attention.

      And you ask that mental case Cod Fish or Fish head for advice? The only thing he has done for 10 straight years is predict doom, gloom and the demise of this company? So apparently you are a glutton for punishment and thrive on hearing bad news about this company?. Good news bothers you? Which tends to make me think you two are like peas in a pod, or maybe more?

      There will be lots and lots of shareholders present, just not the looney's off of this list. Which is probably the main reason why they want to hold the meeting in Zurich, to keep the zeroids and lunatics from this list like CodFish or ClodHopper from attending and embarressing everyone.

      Just so you know, many E.u. corp are incorporating in Switzerland becuase the tax benefits are better than they are in the rest of the E.U. or the U.S.. Something else you are apparently unaware of . You need a fish name to go with your question. Why don't you call yourself SunFish or The Minnow. Many E.U. corp are delisting from the NYSE and listing themselves on European exchanges.

      • 2 Replies to wiech89
      • wiech89 - ya! what he said!

      • 1. "The only thing he has done for 10 straight years is predict doom, gloom and the demise of this company?"
        In 10 years,cvm stock went from 10$ to 0.63$ so -94%!!!!
        Politely expressed,I would say Cod's prediction was very accurate.

        2."They are having the meeting in Zurich because unbeknownst to you , the two prinicples of the company happen to be from the Nederlands and are E.U. citizens."
        For ur information, u undereducated stupid asshole, Switzerland is one of the few countries in Europe which is not an E.U. member.LOL!!!!

        3.For such an important vote like for the 300 millions shares,I would expect them to make the AGM in the country where the seed an operations are.True is that they wanted to avoid opposition from shareholders.

        Bottom line,u have it once more all wrong,u stupid bastard!

    • lol you are really clueless Scotty. The reality is contained in the SEC filings.

      As for my people skills, lol, I have no problem with real people. You Scotty are not real. You are nothing but nasty magnetic ink, just a keyboard punk who thinks he matters while cluttering up the internet with psycho-babble. Say something of value Scotty, for once in your life. Critique your investments, whether good or bad instead of critiquing people.

      What really amazes me about you is you ALWAYS click my posts and then complain that I cannot be listened to. Why do you bother genius? If I am not worth your time, DONT CLICK! Pretty simple isn't it?

      Thank you for the compliment regarding my intellect, but you are still an ahole.

    • none? are you sure? how bout those trades at ten bucks last week? how bout the headlines this week? how bout tina losing a million shares? c'mon cod, they're the same. and the market is telling you just that. that's why both companies are valued at about the same, give or take 20 million. but lets face it, considering how much farther along acel is, it should be worth a couple hundred million or even half a billion more, right?

    • My point is shenanigans as you call them or not they are in similar situations as far as stock price and since you are not on the inside of either company perception does not equal reality.The reason I talk to you the way I do is because you are a cocky condencending rude pompous individual. You cant make a statement without sarcasm and insults.Whether you lose sleep or not is not the issue. As soon as your people skills match your obvious intellect you will be a much better person to deal with

    • Well here is the thing Scotty, you dont have to listen to me. I wont lose any sleep over it. K?

      Glad to see you finally had the intestinal fortitude to admit that what I said IS accurate instead of turning it into personal attacks. Congrats Scotty, you are growing up.

      I AM biased towards ACEL. It is a stark contrast to CVM, that is very true. The CEO of ACEL has devoted her life into bringing Onconase to market and not only works nights and day has invested her OWN wealth into the company instead of making it a personal piggy bank. ACEL and CVM have been in business the same amount of time. ACEL is nearing the end of a P3B study and CVM hasnt even started the first. Why wouldnt I be biased? There are NONE of the shenanigans at ACEL that you see at CVM. NONE.

    • Dude Im only facing relaity, there is nothing visible to drive the price in the near term and more dilution headed our way. Doesnt take a rocket scientist to see the sunset. Why am I still holding shares? Because I can afford to. I have always said I believe in MK but I do believe management has fallen on its face. The facts are there for anyone to read and the past is always close behind.

      nuff said?

    • only a genius(and hypocrite) could be smart enough to come up with that explanation. and he's miserable. i thought you of all people would be able to tell. now can you come up with the explanation for why you are holding cvm shares in 3 accounts yet expecting the price to drop even further? oh yeah, you forgot to tell us those shares are held short, right?

    • "I strongly disagree with the way he leads cvm"

      if you are short like you say you are, you should be very happy with his ways, genius.

      Seems to me that as a short he can disagree with the way Geert runs it and certainly be happy about it looking at the share price. Genius. lol! Did he say he wasnt happy?

    • Last year it was in Frankfurt ( Germany )
      normaly in Germany you can go to a shareholder meeting without money, in Frankfurt they want have about 100 � to get in,

      so I buy better some shares or drink a lot of good german beer !


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