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  • workingclass_net workingclass_net Sep 28, 2007 12:17 PM Flag

    Same movie, different cast, same BS

    How many tiimes have we seen this same old movie: a poster appears, claims to have a position, is very positive about the company blah blah blah. Then after a few months, claims to be 'disappointed', then turns into a 24/7, bashing short clown?

    And BTW, 'anhui' is a rural province in China! ;-)

    If these redundant clowns were not so pathetically funny, they would be totally useless.

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    • this IS the sandbox, genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aw whatsa matter? you wanna take back what you said?????? too late. it's out there for all to see. now everyone knows you as a phony.

    • Thank u for the precious information!What would Cod and me be without u!!

      BTW, I chose anhui coz anhui cement is a stock quoted in Shangai (SHA600585).It's my best performer ever as i bought around 8 in 2005,actual price 82!!!!!!
      Thanks to deals like this,i can enjoy life in Dubai while u and the other bastard (read:practciwing) are probably struggling to pay the phone bill each end of month.

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      • oh, yet another loser that is compelled by the demon inside him to spout off on an internet chatboard about all the money he made and the palace he lives in. i guess we should feel pity for the poor souls who somehow identify only with the anonymous world of the internet.
        how sad it must be to expose your pitiful soul to ones you don't even know.
        and to think anyone believes such stories? oh my!!!!! don't you wonder why more(other than you two?)don't come up with these grandiose tales of wealth? i'll give you a hint. it is because anyone that has anything does not feel the need to impress anyone, especially on an internet chat board!

    • Yeah how many times have WE seen the Bushwhacker cast on this thread? TOO MANY!

      So Anhui is a province in China. What is a workingclass_net? Just an ahole who will work forever because he totally fucked up his familys finances? VRA? WCOM? MBIO? CVM? JDS? Whoa dude, index funds for you!

      Im sure anhui will be upset that has Yahoo handle was hijacked by a province in China! LMAO@U SUCKER!

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