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  • Terp516 Terp516 Aug 18, 2009 5:20 PM Flag

    Yeah...77K Bid At End of Day, But No Volume

    These bashers get funnier by the minute. A 77K block pops up with 5 minutes to go with the stock at why would anyone bid a huge block like that on a scam.

    And, don't say it's just today. It's been happening for two weeks and I've been posting about it. Huge blocks on the buy side. One day there was 140K pre market on the bid! Yes, we're going much higher and somebody with much deeper pockets than any of us knows something.....

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    • Finally someone who knows the market, good job.

    • terp. I agree totally,but I do understand the skepticism re CVM with the past. CVM is on the doorstep ready to open the door at any moment re phase 3. That's why the recent filings. I'm trying to piece it all together,and come up with a pps after phase 3 news comes out. As far as the bashers here,they are not bad at all,just going by past CVM they are not sold on them,and I get that. I'll bet anything huge news is coming,and 52 week high along with it. Wish e1 the best here no matter...

    • It was about 2cents LOWER than the trades preceding. Bid put up by MM to take cheaper stock. It wasn't rocket science or strength.
      Just the saavy specialist widening the spread and raking a few over the coals.
      You'll see tomorrow after the first 10 minutes.
      It'll settle at .497 to .509 and then trade in a channel near that. Mark this and call me out on it if I'm wrong.

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