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  • onconasty onconasty Sep 17, 2009 2:19 PM Flag

    this stock is either going to be $10, or nothing


    If you want to invest in this stock, what's the fucking diff if you pay $1.40, or a $1.05? Yeah I know, 35 cents. The point is, don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

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    • Yup. When my oldest son was around 6 he had most of the toothy monsters memorized also. I took him to Montauk to see the mount of the fish Frank Mundus caught. He thought Mundus must have been the toughest guy on the planet.
      The Cricket II was his boat and whales hated him, for good reason.....but that's another story.
      Those days there was good fishin'
      Now there's different kind of sharks here.
      Out on the water, it's much safer.

    • Trust this. My fingers are long enough to palm a "b"ball and no, haven't pulled a trigger in a few years :)
      Very comforable here. Not skittish, Scottish, skiddish, although I do speak some ish.

    • Agree with your principle, but disagree as to the upside - you left out the third option. This stock is going to be $20+, $10+, or $0. The only way it hits zero is if both H1N1 and Multikene fail. If both succeed, it's over $20. If one succeeds, it's over $10. The difference is, all our eggs aren't in one basket.

      The current price only values the potential for one of the 2 drugs. H1N1 investors only seeing that side of the company, long-term investors only seeing the Multikene side. Somebody with more money than me is going to realize there are 2 great opportunities here, and that these shares are at a 50% discount right now.

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      • Understood and thank you for your response.

      • My 2 cents; Think about this. H1N1 is well candy coating. It may or may not pan out to be a deadly pandemic. However, H1N1 is the veicle the CDC and FDA have given Cel Sci to ride. Collaborating with the CDC, NIH, FDA on LEAPS for H1N! and H5N1 allows Cel Sci the ability to move forward, got them the financing and lab.
        I am convinced LEAPS works, as it got the ears of scientists at CDC and NIH who know a lot more about this than me.
        Now, don't get me wrong, CVM could potentially provide a treatment for H1N! and H5N1. That would be one blockbuster, but even without it, LEAPS is a world onto it's own.
        MK is a world onto it's own.
        I do not look at $5 or $10.
        It's far bigger than that .
        And the downside is NOT 0 in my opinion.
        I look at the downside as being hgher than where we are now.
        Just my op.

    • Thank you for the update.
      We were all wondering what your next move might be.
      I do not mean to offend but frankly every cent is an issue to me right now.
      You are talking to a guy who held BDSI - approved and tanked with almost zero spike - Who holds SPPI which was approved and ran for two minutes and then tanked.
      Both were assaulted with millions of shares dumped by institutions immediately upon approval.
      I have concluded that they are in control.
      We are not.
      If they choose to drive the CVM PPS down to $.90 prior to approval to take out stops they will just do it.
      I hate it but it seems to be reality.
      So, this time I am simply trying to protect myself.
      I meant no harm.

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