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  • invstmntadvisor invstmntadvisor Sep 25, 2009 12:18 PM Flag

    Quckly before I get on flight


    I did not mean to imply that there was no shorting of CVM. There clearly WAS. And that was to be expected because of the quick run. Some have already covered and moved on. But as I have stated many times, shorting is not going to hurt this stock. And it won't help much when it comes time to cover. Days to cover is small. Even at best it's 2 days with current volume.

    The more exciting side is what they are doing behind the scenes with no comment from the company. They can't. But I'm telling you, the CDC and WHO are freaking out. They have found that the by giving the infuenza "A" package to people, is helping the H1N1 mutate very rapidly. This has never happened. My friends stated that what they are seeing is truly as scary as she has ever seen.

    Now the question becomes to many, how will Cel-Sci play a role in preventing or aiding in the situation. Every possible option is being explored and as fast as the CDC can, they are trying to reach out to every company that may be able to help. She tells me they are just about to the point that they are no longer hopeful this pandemic can be prevented. So they are moving even further into the stage of saving lives once it happens. Cel Sci is the absolute leader. She has told me that they have two and three scientists that are with them from Cel-Sci.

    Listen my friends, we don't want this to happen, believe me, we don't. But if it does, thank God that there are dedicated people doing all they can to stop it when it does and save lives. LEAPS CAN DO IT. And maybe nothing but LEAPS.

    I may try and post a little this weekend if I hear more from my very smart friend. Of course they do not get weekends off. She has not had a day off in 45 days!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • You are getting things confused here. I did not threaten you. I simply asked you to tell me your opinion of me to my face. In contrary, you are threatening me with your SJPD detectives comment. I don't do anything bad to the good citizens of San Jose. If anything, you are harassing the good people on this board by calling them idiots, dumb asses, etc. Your ego about your money is bigger than your brain. Even if your statements about this company are correct from now on, I will personally discredit any of them. Because to me, you are an arrogant freaking prick who can not stand being criticized. The world does not revolve around you and your self proclaimed riches. I have money, but I never brag about it. Go read the art of war by Sun Tzu. Maybe you'll learn something.

    • Injured little prick. You just proved to me that the only thing you can do is act a man behind closed doors. Other than that you're worthless. I don't sue anyone. If I can't handle it on my own, I don't resort to involving the authorities to correct the actions of my decisions. Na zdrovye my little friend! Go screw your mail order bride wife!

      And by the way, go buy a carton of eggs at safeway. Maybe that will give you some courage.

    • Prevent this pandemic? definition, a pandemic has already taken place. A friend of mine has extremely high level connections at thing I've learned is, privately, they believe H1N1 was either a laboratory escape or was created as a weapon.

      I don't know anything about CVM's involvement, and have never asked. I don't feel I need to, I know where this stock is going in the next month.

    • Ok, you're not my friend. I wasn't threatening you! I respected you, but now I don't. If you have balls, put your money where your mouth is and come to santana row. See me and tell me what you think of me in my face.

    • I totally agree. Good insight. My wife's field is in Molecular Diagnostics and the future is "scary" for this virus mutation.

    • Esco-Nasty takes it to an extreme. The reality is the information is accurate. It is public, but when discussing this stuff with a group, say at a get together or party, virtually no one, except some of the Docs in the house know about it or understand it.
      As to why someone would talk about it on a message board? Well, there can be several reasons. It could be a poster with a second identity who just needs to be a savior of the board, albeit temporarily. It could besomeone who enjoys the power of disseminationg knowledge. It could be a total hoaxer.
      Take it as you wish.
      But the info is accurate.
      The shortling info was to correct her prior remarks and even that was not accurate. Fact is, to cover would take about 3 hours, that's all. The published data on the short position as of today would shows # of days to cover as .3. Even if they are continuing to short it won't get up to much but can have a short term deleterious effect on the pps.

    • Bull crap! I have been invested in BCRX for several months waiting for EUA of Peramivir. It has P3 results (from partner in Japan)and still can't get approved. CDC knows all about it. HHS funded the development and trials. They know it can save lives of critically ill SF patients but they are dragging this out to cover their behinds. Beaurocrats can't move quickly or they wouldn't be in the govn't.

    • The rapid mutation of H1N1 when "A" package for seasonal flu innoculation is provided is not inside info. It was released last week. Almost everything said is verified but a few days old. But accurate.

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      • And why would somebody spill out inside info? Come on people, get real. While this info is correct, it was already released and known to the public. You think somebody is foolish enough to commit a crime on a world wide message board. It's like that guy that went to a gas station to rob it posing as a job applicant, and filled out the application with his actual information prior to robing the place.

    • Hi Invest.....thanks for the post, but how do we know you're legit?

      Are CDC personnel not prohibited from releasing this type of info to the public?

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