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  • cmegladon cmegladon Sep 25, 2009 1:49 PM Flag

    Onconasty-The self appointed sherrif

    I tried to be civil with you for a while but you're just incorrigable. For whatever reason you are a power hungry, egotistical Napoleonic micro midget of a man. Usually the genesis of which is a super small dick! But if the title of sherrif of the CVM board gives you what you need, hey go for it little Napolean.
    Any maybe some day, I'll identify who's smart and who's "snot".

    A smart person is someone who realizes how little they know.

    Try counting just how many times Nasty refers to himself as smart or being smarter that you ! Ya think he's insecure? Ya think he has physical characteristics that caused these deep seeded psychological problems as a child?
    Is it because he has no job and stares out the window looking at his neighbor's home, all the while dreaming his neighbors are the Pullman's or Hearst? If he's campaigning for the Sherrif position, me thinks he's not gonna get too many votes! So he thinks he can just bully people like Esco around, who probably could kick his ass, but is too much of a gentleman.
    Oh, and whe Nasty "insinuated" "she" might not post here anymore because of the way "she" was being treated...LOL like anyone here posts because of the way they are treated?
    Nasty-You are sick, one sick puppy, and I still think it has something to do with your micro, miniature dick. Didn't your mom (may she rest in peace) teach you? "Don't worry little Davy, g-d made it small for a reason.....LOL
    Go back to telling us all how your "friend" is so smart and we're not. The only friends you have are in your "way too smart" smart mind.

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