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  • sarah_swati sarah_swati Nov 5, 2009 4:29 PM Flag

    Those who have ears..

    It is obvious by the mere fact that I am on this board I have an interest in CVM. The same may be said for all of you other posters. Some would like to see the company succeed, others fail for their own personal gain. So be it. That is the way things work.
    What I proffer, though, is that we restrain ourselves from certain behavior, such as phoning in to company lawyers, making personal aspersions about one another, disseminating false and and potentially injurious rumors, and the many other harmful tactics which each of us is familiar with here.
    The reality , like it or not, is that when it is the proper time for an event to occur, it will occur. Wishing it to happen sooner, or later, even, according to our own personal time frame, is at the root of the frustration that leads to the demeaning behavior we see. For those of us who are able, I would suggest that we sit back and allow events to unfold at their own pace. It is not easy, but it will remediate a bit of the sense of urgency and allow for some peace of mind.

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