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  • cmegladon cmegladon May 17, 2010 11:56 AM Flag

    This time should be different.

    There are reasons why we take the negative side of the debate. 23 years worth.
    And they still occasionally royally screw up and create reasons to do so. Like the Christmas Eve 8K.
    However, objectively, there's one thing they have going for them now.
    They never had it before.
    Globs of Money.
    We know they have money.
    Now, we have a schedule and some more timelines to "argue" about and see if they will be met.
    We're pretty sure the building is complete and ready. At least we know there's a building.
    We know they do not have to repeat P II.
    We're pretty sure there's 2 partners for the P III. But I'd really feel much more comfortable hearing it from TEVA.
    I don't see too much downside in the next 6 months. Maybe a dime.
    I do see a decent shot for the upside play.
    Now let's see how it plays out.
    You'll all know soon..........GL

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    • Cmeg.... good post.... dunno bout down a dime... this stock has been floating around .60-.70 for months mate.... the more people focus on pps.. it never seems to move does it??....In any case i will just say I believe mr kersten...& that we will have liftoff in the 3rd quarter...& NOT MENTIONING THE PPS... but that... imo/speculating will take care of itself & when the open label results start coming in...THE results & THE INTEREST FROM A MUCH LARGER AUDIENCE WILL TAKE SHAPE... PARK.

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      • The downside I mention is there. But, if it does drop a dime (due to markets, or other extraneous influences)I'll add.
        Wall Street still ignores and doesn't take this POS seriously.
        Nobody does.
        The day TEVA (if that day ever comes) actually confirms their involvment, that's the day others will take note.
        Remember, the reaction to JH being involved in the pre-clinical with LEAPs?
        But this is the bread and butter, the steak. They're waiting for prof.
        My op.

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