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  • camino482000 camino482000 Sep 29, 2010 11:16 AM Flag

    The 3 Year Timeframe

    you need to look at cvm graph and stop pumping this dog up, it has traded extremely high in the late 80S and early 90S until the market deemed them untrustworthy due to their efforts in pumping up other drugs that have never made it to market. Maybe you are getting some compensation in pumping this dog up, if this is the case shame on you, it is sad to make money of the backs of the terminally ill. I hope there is a cure for all types of cancer someday since I know the effects of it and so do so many others. I have been following cvm since 1992 and all I see is insiders transaction being awarded thousands of cvm shares only to be sold within 3 months. They have been bleeding this dog dry at shareholders expense. Well enough said and I truly hope they do have the cure for neck cancer, I just do not believe it. Not after 15 yrs. of trials

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    • RE:cam:Interesting, with all your knowledge(?) of CVM , this is your first post.

      You sound very much like clod FRAUDer the LIAR.

      " Maybe you are getting some compensation in pumping this dog up"

      what about the "compensation" or, to be more accurate the money to be made bashing the stock to benefit the shorters that have sold short OVER 7 MILLION shares.

      For every PENNY CVM price goes up, they lose OVER $70,000.00.

      The bashing reached epidemic levels when the price went over .55.

      Has anyone noticed all the "born today" bashers that are CVM "experts" have come out of the woodwork to drive the price down on lies, and innuendo?

      cam is one of the bad news bears. There is NO bad news outside of this MB.

      If ACEL price went to $10 based on entering P3, why shouldn't CVM see the same thing?

      The SAME human GARBAGE that bashes CVM under multiple screen names pump ACEL .

    • Camino, I'm not going to get into a long drawn out battle.
      Suffice to say, some here, know just how long I have been trading this. Over 20 years. So I know more than you may think about the CRAP we investors went through. All though it I learned.
      My post points out FACTS. I am not pumping anything. In fact many here have me on ignore due to what they considered my rude bashing when I thought the company did some despicable things.
      I think I made it pretty clear and if not, I will.
      I am here for the money.
      Yeah, the money. There I said it.
      I posted reasonable expectation based on the facts.
      I am not employed by or affiliated with this company.
      I am a trader and investor.
      And make no mistake about this. I am NOT pumping. I am NOT making money off the backs of terminally ill patients.
      That's just stupid.
      How am I as a trader or investor making money off a terminally ill patient? I could see someone saying that about a CEO but a trader or investor? That's nuts.
      Wake up man.

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