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  • mpj520 Oct 1, 2010 7:44 PM Flag

    Insider Buys

    Dr. Zimmerman bought 4313 shares at .64.
    Dr. Talor bought 3750 shares at .64.
    Patricia Princhep bought 4553 shares at .64.
    Geert Kersten bought 5742 shares at .64.

    The idiots try to spin this negatively but the insiders are STILL buying.

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    • Facts:

      P3 design approved by FDA
      CRO hired
      Site IRBs approving P3
      Country regulators approving P3
      Plant validated
      Plant making MultiKine
      MultiKine shrinks tumors
      Byron licensing agreement
      Byron paid milestone payment
      Teva and Orient are partners in P3 trial
      P3 self funded, with $30+ million in cash on hand.

      and on a personal note:

      If it was your Mom that was part of the 19 and had her tumor vanish or shrink due to MultiKine, you'd be doing handstands in the street and singing it's praises.

    • mpj520 Oct 3, 2010 7:42 AM Flag

      It looks like Cassandra spent a beautiful fall Saturday bashing. WHAT A LOSER!

    • What's to refute?

      - The article's title describes its purpose, and it isn't to determine 'survival': "Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Modulates Intratumoral CD4/CD8 Ratio and Tumor Microenvironment: A Multicenter Phase II Clinical Trial"

      - The article states clearly that there were only 19 patients, that there was no control group of patients (just historical cases used as comparison), and that the objective was to determine histopathology.

      - The article also relates that Multikine was given along with cyclophosphamide, a chemotherapeutic. Which drug cause the tumor shrinkage? Did you know cyclophosphamide is routinely used in head and neck cancer?

      So, the article simply backs up my points: That Geert's 'survival' claim on Multikine is total nonsense; that these claims derive from a non-controlled trial of 19 patients in Hungary that was intended to study histopathology, not survival; and that Multikine has never been tested in a real proof-of-concept clinical trial.

      You can add to that the other facts about Multikine -- never been licensed for cash upfront, nor milestones; that it's 30 years old; that it hasn't even been in the clinic since Bill Clinton was in the White House; and that it's a total joke!

    • Cassandra, you're the one who is total scum!

      Lies, deception, corruption just to what? So, your crooked hedgefund employers can grab a few more shares for pennies?

      You're the board joke. Always have been, always will be...

      You and all rest of the vile scum of the earth stock fraud manipulators who roam these message boards day in and day out for just a few pennies more in your paycheck from your crooked employers.

      Here you go, Cassandra. I'm responding to you, so you can go buy a hotdog or something to eat tonight!

      Click on the link. Go ahead... You know you want too...

      Try to refute all that data and those wonderful before and after slides of what Multikine can really do...

      Go on. Refute it, I dare you too.

    • Cassievader, you've been workin your dildo way too hard. Relax, and wait for a good buy trade setup here in the next few weeks.....There is nothing you can say that will stop it.

    • That you cite the 'Byron deal' to 'prove' the existence of upfront cash and milestone payments merely underscores the bankruptcy of your arguments.

      - Byron is a sham company set up to cover an otherwise ordinary financing, albeit one Geert couldn't undertake honestly without invoking covenants on prior financings that he obviously wished to avoid.

      - Even the Byron farce didn't include an upfront cash payment -- it was money paid in return for shares and cheap warrants, just like the Orient Europharma 'deal'

      - - Byron's $125k payment was not even a milestone, but rather a reputed retainer to keep Byron's 'license' in force (LOL!!). What it really is, of course, is a thinly veiled attempt to make this farcical transaction look like a real deal instead of the obvious fraud that it is!

      (You really should get out of your gutter, clown, and look at the terms real biotechs get who make real licensing deals on real drugs with real partners. CVM's 'deals' are as fake as Pablo Romanus!)

      Just why do you think Geert has been so desperate to cash in the Series M warrants?

      He's only dropped the effective price twice over the past year.

      Just what does he so desperately need this paltry $3.6 million for since he claims to have full funding for the PhIII and a goldmine in his oversized refrigerator that he calls cold fill?

    • Typical that a sleaze bag like you who talks out of both sides of his mouth would nitpick over an obvious typo, not a blatant solecism of the types you commit with every sentence, just because he can't address the substantive argument.

      You're total scum! You and CVM were destined to find each other!

    • Those are the quarterly stock grants that Geert awarded himself and three other employees.

      If you look at the year's SEC filings, you'll see similar grants every quarter, such as this one for Geert:

    • You realize Gert did this last year, $3600 is small change to get "investers" to see "insider buys".
      I listened last year and sold my .52's at 1.68 after peaking over 2.
      Gert bought share then, chump change, I saw it and sold that day!
      I was way up so, if your under water you may need to get ready to hold some bags for a while.

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