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  • stockvadar stockvadar Oct 17, 2010 10:47 PM Flag

    "Why Multikine will fail," Stockvadar states.

    Through months of DD I discovered:

    1) In ALL clinical trials, the random nature of tumors defined as "head and neck" were not, and it can be proven by reference to the actual studies: (a) necessarily defined; for example, one tumor that is touted by Cel-Sci as disappearing was NEVER defined as squamous cell cancer, but a tumor of "UNDEFINED" origin; (b) of tumors outside the neck and on the skin of the neck, the majority did NOT RESPOND TO Multikine treatment; (c) a lip tumor per its picture did shrink, but the core cancer tumor remained quite unabated by the Multikine treatment; (d) the method of defining shrinkage is statistically quite suspect - if you read the actual reports you'll understand why -- I expect most of you won't and are uncapable of understanding.

    2) Multikine by Cel-Sci is presented as a stand-alone cancer therapy. The problem is, the Hungarian study raises the question whether it actually is stand-alone. In a true phase 3 study, if other variables (the Hungarian study included 3 variables) are introduced, the experiment demands these OTHER VARIABLES ARMS be tested. Just study other biotechs and you'll come back to thank me.

    You are welcome to argue with me until you are blue in the face, but I know what I'm talking about. The FDA will NEVER pass Multikine per the current experimental design--Geert is cavalier telling you saps he has a special relationship with the FDA.

    Whenever other variables are introduced in combination cancer therapy, it must be demonstrated how each variable contributes to the affect. The current phase 3 Cel-Sci does NOT do that.

    Do I know what I'm talking about? Yes whether you call me names or not. Because experimental design requires the applicant to prove how the variables interact with each other. For example, why is the patient given zinc? What if the patient wasn't given zinc? At what dosage and for how long was the patient given zinc? All of these variables are the type of questions the FDA board will review, and Multikine's current study isn't designed to answer these key and fundamental questions.

    3) The longevity aspect of Multikine is highly speculative. The population is aged, most over 70 years of age. It will be very hard to prove that Multikine was the cause of people living or dying. To think that a <1000 population will do the trick is naive; most P3 studies demand population studies numbering into the thousands. Geert's comment about Multikine's P3 being the "largest ever" is a lawyer's slight of hand. The scientists and FDA doctors couldn't give a rip about Geert's assertion. Dr. Talor will be up a creek without a paddle trying to prove that Multikine prolonged anyone's life. Now intellectual thinkers will immediately understand why I say that, but to you lesser minds let me help -- it's called VARIABLES --

    The long debate on this board and the mantra of Adam Feuerstein is the P1 and P2 are left-wanting... at first I wanted with all my heart to disagree, but that was my mistake... heart rather than the brain.

    Combination therapy in cancer research is well-known, but Multikine is presented as stand-alone. That fact alone will never pass the FDA. Not when patients are given pre-dosages of other variables that are never studied for their own affect. Now I regret to say this, but calling me names will not change what I say is true. Clinical studies that pass the FDA study ALL VARIABLES and prove the DRUG AT HAND is efficacious and safe.



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    • SV : You are the complete failure and you'll soon understand why

    • mpj520 Oct 18, 2010 6:23 AM Flag

      Nothing is certain and Multikine may fail. Meanwhile, regardless of the outcome:

      1. You still will have lost money you couldn't afford to loose.
      2. The price of the stock will go higher.
      2. I will make even more money than I'm making now

    • Re: "Why Multikine will fail," Stockva..

      Classify SV's diatribe as fantasy!

    • All I could say is thanks, there is no way in this lifetime that multikine will ever be approved for cancer treatment. CVM been pumping multikine for years without any real evidence of positive results only expeculations.

      • 1 Reply to camino482000
      • Yes, that is why they built that 20 million dollar lab. To fool you and to deceive the FDA!! Why bother creating this elaborate hoax to fool the FDA? I guess Geert and the boys had nothing much better to do with their time.

        And those big investors who invested over 125 million in the past 20 years? Well, we all know how naive and dumb they are and how so very smart you are, right? I mean you are here and all of those million dollar investors are not. See, that proves that you are smart and they are dumb.

        HAR, HAR, HAR, .

        Well, we do need entertainment on this board. And look how CVM fooled the world and the FDA in those Phase I and Phase II trials, huh? What a god danged knee slapper those were. Yup, Geert is a barrel of laughs. Like April fools every day of the week. Now why can't all over those investors and scientists figure this out like you have? Amazing.

    • SV.....I would appreciate it if you would explain....
      From what I can understand....
      Zinc sulfate helps prevent loss of sense of taste, cytoxan slows the growth of cancer cells by interfering with actions of DNA and is activated by the liver and indomethacin helps maintain body weight and muscle mass and reduces serum levels of immunosuppressive acidic protein....
      .....can you explain further....? I had wondered about the use of these.....the one I am most concerned about is the use of the cytoxan.....

      • 1 Reply to charmed1770
      • Further investigation on the use of indomehtacin explains the use of it .....but how will this affect the FDA review of the trial? Will it have any effect at all on the review of the trial? The use of Cytoxan? Thoughts from others with more knowledge than I would be greatly appreciated....Rvga? Ccot? Xji? Adam? Fosco?

        A synthetic nonsteroidal indole derivative with anti-inflammatory activity and chemopreventive properties. As a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), indomethacin inhibits the enzyme cyclooxygenase, thereby preventing cyclooxygenase-mediated DNA adduct formation by heterocyclic aromatic amines. This agent also may inhibit the expression of multidrug-resistant protein type 1, resulting in increased efficacies of some antineoplastic agents in treating multi-drug resistant tumors. In addition, indomethacin activates phosphatases that inhibit the migration and proliferation of cancer cells and downregulates survivin, which may result in tumor cell apoptosis.

    • Didn't you just say less than a week ago, in a very long posting, that you were done posting and leaving this board forever? Please honor your own admission and post somewhere else.

      This board is for people whom are serious about CVM and have intelligent statements to state. Your statements are nothing more than "fairy tales", weak predictions, and other nonesense that essentially this whole entire board has grown very tiredsome of.

      Make like Darth Vadar and end your dark side.....pretty much all of your "sides".

      Please just go away.

    • Seriously, why do you keep posting? Haven't you looked the fool enough? You area glutton.

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