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  • patrickpobox patrickpobox Feb 28, 2011 5:29 PM Flag

    Geert may be on to something!!!!!!

    1st of all I can see the frustration from some of CVM longs. I don't blame you because I have been holding this stock since 2000 or so. My suggestion is do the Bhudda meditation if you continue to hold this stock. Who knows. We may reach enlightment by the time FDA approves MK for marketing. lol

    The company finally reached Phase 3 and got funding for it. It may need a little bit more time to implement all of the strategic plans. We waited decades; another couple of months shouldn't matter much, IMO.

    There are alot of reasons why no positive news of progress on P3, but here are mine:

    1) Almost everything is ready for patients to start treatment. Why wait? Geert may be holding off patients enrollment until SEC new rules take effect. Can you imagine what hedge fund managers are going to do if the positive news drive up PPS? These managers are going to do everything they can to drive PPS down to protect their short positions. Geert, if this is one of your strategies, I applaud you.

    2) Geert wants more centers ready and to enroll alot of patients at the same time. The probability of obtaining some patients with 50% or more tumor reduction is higher when the sample size is larger. We all know that the moment Geert announces patients officially receiving treatment; Wall Street will start its count down on the number of days for tumor reduction. Visualize what would happen to PPS if no 50% tumor reduction occurs within the expected time frame. Now, do you see why starting treatment with a larger sample size is crucial to PPS success?

    Geert, I appreciate your shareholder letter and the suttle hints embedded in it. You are a better man than I am if you don't hold a grudge against my impatient demeanor in the recent past.

    May God bless the cancer patients and the success of MK.

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