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  • piem18848 piem18848 Feb 12, 2013 7:26 AM Flag

    Letter to CVM Feedback

    I have had 100,000 shares of your stock for over six years and what has happened to it. You know it has gone from something to nothing!

    Why do you even go to events if you not going to say anything or do anything for the syock holders? The SEC should investigate you all for fraud and not representing your stock holders! You drive the price down every day that you pull stunts like this.

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    • I bought in at $0.36 and probably getting ready to double my holdings if I can. The company is in Phase 3, has received positive feedback from IDMC (people covering 3 continents), and have been using a ton of money on research and development as compared to previous years. This Phase 3 trial is for real and a lack of news means that there is a lack of safety issues and that hopefully what they are seeing is an increase in the total lifespan of patients who are enrolled in the trial. Until they get conclusive enough evidence regarding the total increase in lifespan for a patient, you are not going to see positive news in regards to this. I have been watching this stock for about 11 or 12 years now. Try not to get too emotional and focus on the long term potential we have coming. I'm hoping we can make some money here :)

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    • please go to shm and vent your concerns there... Most that attend are lemmings..

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      • Let me explain. I am a stage three step two Larynx Cancer survivor. I started interest in the company at that time when I was investigating different methods of treatment. I live every day waiting for it to spread or come back. My throat is a mess from radiation etc. Having said this I have been a advocate for the company every since 2005. And I have eagerly been waiting for the stage III to start. Well that has happened but the company has steadily lost value and the stock has replicated with steadily losing value. The only people to make money are the shorts.

        I am only looking for the light at the end of the tunnel (phase III). But Gert can't even open the door at a conference. It seems he has my voice and can't be heard. I would consider my stance on the company as Long but
        the CEO is acting like a Adam F. cheerleader for the stock.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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