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  • siriusmaximus2 siriusmaximus2 Feb 13, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

    OT-Off topic- Waterboarding VS drone strikes

    The Hypocrite in Chief was vehemently opposed to waterboarding for 2 reasons.
    He said it's barbaric and it doesn't produce any results.
    He and the mainstream media blabbered about it and railed against GWB for years.

    So let's look at both descriptions.
    Barbaric-First of all, no one ever died from waterboarding.
    Drone strikes?-One rarely survives a drone strike, not to mention the additional casualties and unintended conseqauences.
    Effectiveness-You can definitely debate the effectiveness of gathering information due to waterboarding.
    But one thing's for sure, you ain't getting ANY intelligence from the subject of a drone strike.
    The only intelligence involved, was the intell you got from the waterboarded subject to decide who to send the drone after.


    What a country.

    Sentiment: I support waterboarding and drone strikes, and ANYTHING that makes our country safer.
    I also support a woman's right to choose,so long as abortion is not used for birth control.
    I support the second amendment and strongly feel the answer to our gun problem is to have MANDATORY jail time for anyone using a gun in a crime OR illegally selling guns.
    I believe it is our country's duty to assist the needy. The key word being assist,not support.
    I am firmly opposed to removing wrestling from the Olympics and adding golf.
    I have no problem paying higher taxes, just so long as EVERYBODY kicks in a relative fair increase.
    Nobody should get a free ride.
    I believe everyone needs to have a co-pay in any medical care program. EVERYONE.
    I believe carried interest needs to be taxed at the same rate as ordinary income, but, Capital Gains could be taxed at lower rates.
    I believe everyone needs to floss twice a day.

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    • Frankly, I don't care what you think. This is a financial message board afterall.

    • One difference I can see is that drone strikes actually prevent a known terrorist from carrying out plans, but waterboarding doesn't accomplish much at all (except in Cheney's view). I do think Obama is making a mistake in holding onto Bush's power grab by not subjecting these decisions to an independent FISA-like court. Otherwise, nothing wrong with your opinions, except not everyone sees things the way you are taught.

    • YEAH, Siri, and what was up with those darn Colonist hiding behind trees and such and then shooting at the British troops as they marched by!

      Totally NOT fair I tells ya!

    • LMFAO I would be looking over my shoulder if I were you for a drone strike "O" might decide you think too much for someone in the proverbial middle class :-))

      Sentiment: Hold

    • People like Adam Lanza and Holmes of aurora CO fame should be put in a large Vita Mix blender and someone should press the frappe button & turn them into paint and pour their remains down a public toilet and post it on a you tube video. Your expecting too much from a political class that only talks in euphemisms ie, we're not trying to eliminate your gun rights we're only trying to eliminate gun violence spending isn't spending its investing and your fair share really means your whole share. we're going broke but the gov't is handing out smart phones, boggles the mind. we're drowning in our own BS. Death by Drone LOL is'nt as inhumane LOL as waterboarding, tortured logic at its best.
      Joe the plumber didn't realize Obama wasn't kidding when he said we need to spread the wealth around, your wealth if you still have any you, you, evile rich person :)

      Sentiment: Hold

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