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    Symposium Impression

    "This is from an earlier post on May 16, 2012 from Lucinda, I tried to bump, but it did not work"

    Symposium Impression
    The Symposium was first rate., attended by approx 150 PhD scientists , MDs or both. Highly scientific. MK is the only only in Phase lll, with pre standard of care
    Therapy and off shelf. The data presented was all from Phase I and ll, though many more slides and photos. The photos of MK effect on cervical cancer blew my mind. He was very specific that he could not discuss Phase lll data fue to FDA regs. He said that it is because it is not a trial with placebo and it could be perceived as biasing enrollment. He said that, "they have only one chance to do this right and they are not going to do or say anything that the afDA could use to negate any part of the study. He seemed very enthusiastic and excited about the trial is is traveling around the works all the time. The next release will be the Safety Study. Dr. Marincola said that his work with MK comes at the end of the trial and that us is very excited about Multikine. I had private conversations with both. dr.Talor revealed no information, but he certainly did not have the demeanor of someone whose life's work was not going well. He was extremely upbeat. I spoke many other attendees and presenters. They were ALL very pumped up about Multikine. Though it would have been great to have gotten some preliminary Phase lll data, I left most enthusiastic and glad to buy more today.

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      • Lucinda, like myself, have made the effort to meet management so I thank you for re-posting her information. I trust her observations. I don't have the background of this information, but I see it is a long time ago. Being a long time holder of CVM (my largest holding) I know from experience that it takes CVM a LONG, long time to make things happen but it is all part of a plan putting one step after the next to make sure they do it right the first time.

        The plan has always been to get multikine approved and then use the proceeds from their new "Standard of Care" product to fund further research into LEAPS and now a new breast cancer drug to boot!

        We are in year three of the final phase III trial of a non-toxic drug which has already passed its first safety test and if approved will become the new standard of care and it's only 25 cents a share. Wow.

        Can't say I'm a buyer here since my break even point is pretty low already and I'm a bit discouraged... good news comes out and the stock goes nowhere. And look at all the bashers here. Never seen a stock with so many ignorant people bashing it. Maybe I'm the ignorant one, who knows. But $250.00 for 1000 shares of what could very well be the next big blockbuster drug is very tempting if I were seeking to take a new position at these prices.

        As I said, I've met management and Lucinda and many others who have attended shareholder meeting later on confirmed what I felt myself... management is doing a fine (but slow) job of bringing this product to market.

        Hope we are all rewarded well and many people are helped by Multikine soon.

        Best wishes

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