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  • riverpap riverpap Mar 18, 2013 8:46 PM Flag

    Just one of the reasons Pappy is still here..!

    From an old news release by Reuters..

    CEL-SCI Corporation (AMEX: CVM) saw shares trade over 6% in morning trading on news that the Japanese patent office has issued a key patent covering CEL-SCI's investigational cancer drug, Multikine. Key patents on Multikine have now been issued in the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world: the United States, European Union, China and Japan. This invention relates to a novel effect of Multikine observed during clinical trials that CEL-SCI believes indicates it has the potential to pre-sensitize cancer cells to a therapeutic treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or immunotherapy...

    Sentiment.. Hang in there sheep.. It's not easy to be excepted into this trial for a VERY good reason... GET SMART..!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You play this scam solely in the hope that some manufactured event will enable you to unload your shares on some greater fool, thus securing a small profit.

      You're as much a part of the CVM scam as Geert, only Geert, slimeball that he is, at least has the courtesy to spare us the never ending political lecturing from the self-righteous sleaze called liberal Dems.

      • 2 Replies to pappyriver
      • PAP you still here?? What about Vader and the Clown,,are they still around?? I got my own problems
        still over at DECN . After sticking it out for over 3 years they got FDA approval and are shipping their
        product out to Walmart and others. Volume has picked up last few weeks after an article from Forbes
        about David and Goliath((DECN cutting into Johnson & Johnson niche 6 billion dollar market)) JnJ is suing us but judge gives go ahead to sell GENSTRIP til decision comes in)). Getting interesting over at the DECN yahoo page where you can read FDA letter and the Forbes article. Just food for thought.
        Not a invitation to buy. Do your DD. Your old pal FIRE

      • Dear muddyriver, did you know that 10 years ago today bushie and machine gun ordered 5,000 american boys and girls KILLED..... and 30,000 injured.... all for the BOTTOMLINE of a few BIG corps.... Sure hope these FACTS help you to get over your novice opinions about your repuke party....

        Sentiment.. BTW.. YOU WOULDN'T MAKE A PIBBLE on Pappy's butt..... although, you probably have passed through it a few times...:-)

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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