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  • zzpots111 zzpots111 May 5, 2013 8:27 PM Flag

    As a newbie. why does CVM only advertise this drug for neck cancer when it could be used

    for things like breast cancer??

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    • zitz Your post has a number of errors. You were born 2/7/08 and have 850 posts. You are not a newbie , you lied. You're here to trash the stock.


      That is a poor term for an active P3 clinical trial.

      Cel-SCi completed their P2 clinical around 2007 and had an FDA go ahead in 2008. It did not have a P3 trial for breast cancer nor prostate cancer , nor colon cancer.

      It was in late 2010 that Cel-Sci received funds in the amount of $40M that was used to fund the P3 H & N cancer P3 trial.

      The number of clinical trials for breast cancer is much greater (56% ) than H & N cancer.. In short , there are far fewer companies competing for FDA approval of H & N cancer.

      Something else to consider; TEVA and Orient Euro both have the right to treat cancers other than H & N cancer. Cel-Sci can't get denied FDA approval on those trial locations doing Cancer treatments for other than H & N .

      BTW , the $40M was an infusion of cash from large scale investors , not retail investors. Cel-Sci has also received an addition $15M from non-retail investors.

      Retail investors money is not being used for the P3 trial nor any Cel_Sci daily funding.

      There are also options and warrants that could be used to fund the companies expenses .

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        Here are some of your other postings :

        zzpots111 • Jan 2, 2013 10:09 AM
        " Mosat drugs in phase III die due to lowere tolerance thresholds and higher chance of failure given a more diversified population!"

        zzpots111 • Jan 2, 2013 10:23 AM
        "Who is SABBY?? Certainly not Fidelity!!"

        by zzpots111 • Dec 27, 2012 3:16 PM
        "Listen, one silly question, if this was really what you say it is, why doesn't mgmt buy into it. It's a lousy ponzi scam. They dilute and you buy more ,etc until the ship sinks!"

        "Well Seeking Alpha is back at the pump!!! Thank goodness for the TSCM!!!!"
        by zzpots111 • Dec 27, 2012 11:38 AM
        Adam is zzman!

        by zzpots111 • Dec 26, 2012 9:10 PM
        "We, the investors of Galena would like you to reply to our concerns:

        (1)Why hasn't the Board or Executive Management deem the Company to be a solid investment by buying shares of the company. Insider purchases shows investors that there is an equally concerned Management behind the share price.

        (2)Has the secondary offering been completed and what % of ownership do institutions have in Galena. This knowledge would ease investor concerns of a lack of interest in the investment community and would create mutual interest by the retail investor.

        Please reply to these concerns so that the "Paid bashers" on the Galena Message board on Yahoo can go quietly into the sunset while the happy longs obtain there long wanted wish of making 20x there money in this stock.

        Thank you."

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    • As stockinvestor_gator has put it,.... in part the reason the CVM is going after H&N cancer is that there is very little competition among big pharma for that niche in the market. Lower competition (in part) means that IF you have a drug or treatment system that does effectively improve likelyhood that your patients survive post-cancer - THEN you have an open market with little competiton once you have approval.

      Also - there is currently very little in effective treatments for H&N cancer. So anything that is out there that does improve survirorship is better than what is currently available.

      Finally - IF mutlikine is demonstrated to be an effective treatment for H&N cancer and has few side-effects on patients being treated - it improves the chances that the treatment will be useful on other froms of cancer and will speed off-label use in other treatments and potentially ease its shift into use on other cancers.

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    • ...cause, Geert is leaving that open for his great, great, great grand kids to run with... :-)

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        "by zzpots111 • Dec 26, 2012 2:50 PM
        If you have a small business and it makes you $400,000 and you partner with someone else, your income goes down to $200,000. You are partnering for either a cash infusion or for help developing your business. Either way your profit goes down. Thus when Galena brings in more partners that's less money for the shareholders.

        Smart incvestors make a lot of money...Those with their heads in the sand and join the majority go to blazes.

        Sorry but true! "

        "GALE does not have potential earnings increases just a chance for dilution and partners (same as dilution) This stock goes in one direction...down!!!!"

        "Why buying now is flushing your money down the toilet....
        by zzpots111 • Dec 26, 2012 2:10 PM
        (1)They have enough cash for 2013-GREAT-However, Phase III ends around 2016. That will mean either they will get other partners to take portions away from them-less for you...or they keep diluting for the next 3 years.

        Either way the stock should be around a dollar by 2016, before it has a chance to go to the FDA.

        DEAD MONEY!!! "

        His trash posts go on.This is just a small sample. There is enough here to establish that he is not objective has an agenda and it's to trash the stock.

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