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  • stockerli2000 stockerli2000 Feb 28, 2012 3:32 PM Flag

    this stock is dead

    no volume, keep drifting down

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    • huge volume, large gain and up big after hours with no news. It is alive now and somebody knows something.

    • You were saying?

    • Tough call Erli. Only insiders and those connected to them have the real angle. It's hard to see where the growth comes from with fixed acreage.

      Soros is a sneaky dude, and hedge funds are known to short the stocks they own. This sounds like a wash, but share for share(long and short)the risk is removed. Then when they cover they add to the position at much lower prices.

      Looking at the ticker it appears that buyers have tight buy points. It was $9.40, now it looks like $9.30. Buyers do not want to drive the price up. Therefore, long pauses are needed for sellers to sell-the market makers accumulate then fill large orders.

      This looks like a long term hold. Compare it to gold. Gold stayed flat for 20 years in the $300 range, then it exploded to $1700 in a few years. South American premium land could do the same thing. You never know when- 1 year or 20 years. But the central banks are creating money by the trillions and trillions. This alw always leads to real asset inflation. AGRO land is a premium real asset priced much cheaper then comparable US land.

      Then you have the sugar cane ethanol expansion. Look into it and make a judgement as to how AGRO ethanol operations compare
      to the other competitors in South America.

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