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  • Shipping rates are very strong, firm, holding and increasing....... SFL has contracts for longer periods of time and are not subject to the day rate peaks and valleys.... glad I just did my 100% fill of position last week.

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    • I am a shareholder of SFL, and I recognize your screen name from other message boards, specifically REIT message boards. Are you still in REITs? SFL has an attractive yield.

    • Welcome aboard for what I hope will be a smooth and profitable cruise. This is one time I've boarded a ship before you. I am very happy to see you confirming my judgment, although I must give thanks to the astute analysis of MTenn, and confirmed by a goodly list of other knowledgable individuals ... their posts stand out for anyone to recognize ... laphno, flank7, and others ...

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      • I too have mten to thank for SFL... bought 2/3 of my position at $16.70.... he gave me the foundation and opinion that allowed me to do the rest of the homework and find SFL to be among the better tanker investments.

        I define "better" as a lower yield than an FRO or GMR because they are levered to longer term contractual relationships rather than the rigors of the daily rate market. Sort of like office reits with long term leases versus hotel reits that rent on a day to day basis.

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