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  • allnightdate allnightdate May 12, 2010 11:29 AM Flag

    'Dice' are coming up 7

    The 'come' line here pays off. JKP

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    • Board members....There are investors and traders, there are also many types of both...! Myself, I am a long term dividend investor looking for holdings with growth or rebound (unless I see a warning flag waving)...! However, all my friends tell me that I am a "Locksmith" because I always try to play safe (maybe to safe)...! Maybe I am a Locksmith.... because I am still holding SFL....! However, if I was a smart Locksmith I would have bought more SFL on the price dips....right...? Source>>> Stupid locksmith Stagg...!

    • A-date...This is a little bit off subject but I used to run a dice game years ago...! On a "Beat The Dealer" game a player cast dice out of a cup and the high number wins....! Fact...Tops and bottoms on a dice always add up to seven (one dice) if you have a low number up, a high number is down...! i.e. if there is a 3 up then the bottom of the dice read 11 (two dice).....! With a little bit of practice a dealer can always cast a high dice number out of the cup (with a over hand lock flip)...! That said, if anyone sees any type of a dice game don't walk away.....RUN (no joke)...!

    • ..."The 'come' line here pays off."...


      Yeah, man just like in Vegas and just like in Vegas you can't win. Keep "rolling those dice" Diamond Jim. You can't win. The house has all the advantage. You might win a few here and there but in the long haul, you'll lose your ass. You petty money roll can't compete with the house i.e., market makers and hedge funds.

      The really savvy investor picks out a special stock (like SFL) does his due diligence and holds on long term and cashes in without the worries of option time restraints and violent market fluctuations.

      Keep playing those naked options, sucker, and you'll end up in the poor house.

    • Two-way horn-high-yo!


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