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  • staggman99 staggman99 Aug 31, 2010 8:48 PM Flag


    Board members...Poor Jack, he asked a couple of simple questions and almost "started a war"...! Jack asked for "information only"...! I think that Jack is gone and I don't think he will be back...I think that we scared that investor away from this message board real fast...! That said, is there any other investors out there that are brave enough to ask for some opinions on investing in SFL...???

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    • Hey Stag,

      I appreciate civil discussions and insightful information on message boards. Like Jack, I'm in need of some simple and basic facts. Options, puts, calls . . . naked or covered . . . baffle me and appear to be outside of my area of opportunity. So, I only utilize the standard buy and hold approach. Given that this has not been generally profitable for the past few years, solid dividends have grown to be more and more important to me.

      When I reviewed your suggestion that "having both SFL (yield 7.6%) and VLCCF (yield 11.3%)....18.9% (SFL & VLCCF) vs 22.8% (ARR)...Jack can own one stock (ARR) and get 3.9% more yield than having two different stocks (with the same amount of money).." I was a bit confused by your math logic.

      I realize that 7.6 + 11.3=18.9 but believe that if one were to hold each stock (SFL & VLCCF) "with the same amount of money" one wouldn't collect the sum of their respective yields but would rather collect the average of their yields, or 18.9%/2=9.45%. The difference between this average and the 22.8% you mentioned for ARR is then 13.35% not the 3.9% that you indicated.

      I consider myself lucky to own some fine shipping stocks at relatively low costs and some REITs as well. As an old egg rancher, I try to avoid piling my eggs too high in any one basket as I collect them.

      Best always, 1k

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      • Onestar...You are correct, shame on me for bad math...! Wow, 13.35% vs 3.9%...I was not even close...! You are very good at counting eggs and not to bad at doing math on dividends...! Therefore, an investor would get about 130% "more" dividend (2.32 times as much) from ARR than holding the same amount of money in SFL and VLCCF...! Please correct me again if I am wrong...! Thanks again and good luck...!

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