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  • staggman99 staggman99 Oct 26, 2010 9:12 PM Flag

    SFL having a tough time holding $20

    Board members...While it is true that VLCCF may have a slight edge on SFL on the last six months of the charts vs two years; there is a bit more to the story: Profit margin, SFL 26% vs VLCCF 14%...Operating margin, SFL 67% vs VLCCF 40%...Return on equity, SFL 26% vs VLCCF 14%...P/E ratio, SFL 7.7 vs VLCCF 10.2....These stats. tell a different story...! I do like the dividend better on VLCCF than SFL but they may have trouble holding it at its current level...! VLCCF is a good holding for a risky gambler...but not for a locksmith like myself...! Good luck to all...!

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    • to come up with your P E ratios etc.. If SFL has a P E ratio of about 7.7 that would mean they are earning about $2.50 per year or 62 cents per quarter which they are not doing...As for VLCCF you claim the P E ratio is 10.2 which means they are only earning $2 annually or 50 cents quarterly....they made more than that in the last quarter....earnings have been rising for VLCCF and falling for SFL. Have a nice evening

    • earned 48 cents and VLCCF earned 53 cents, so VLCCF should be trading at a price about 10% higher than SFL (their earnings are 10% higher) which is about where it currently trades. All that being said, I am pleased having closed some VLCCF positions on Tuesday as posted earlier and opened positions in other stocks which are currently offering a higher put premium. As stated before, both companies are fine, just own the one you feel most comfortable with

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