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  • rbgambler99 rbgambler99 Oct 31, 2011 12:03 PM Flag

    NATURAL GAS VEHICLE FUEL.... are right...forget about NG for cars.....we have more oil in this country than Saudi Arabia...all we need is to remove the govt regs. and drill for it, putting counless Americans back to work, reducing the price of gasoline even further....NG is good for heat, thats the way, my REITS...NLY, AGNC and ARR all rose nicely last week...I added to all just before the rise to make things even better...still waiting to get RNO, PVR, SCCO at lower prices....the market will way over bought right now.

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    • Ignorant of the subject.

    • rbgambler

      Just for the record, I noticed you did not mention the issue of food prices, retirees as the recipients of the poor use ethanol by our mentioned ng for heat, and commented that staggeringlee was correct, but not the issue of ethanol and its negative effects on our nation and world....seems a man of 64 yrs old would be sensitive to the issue....did you purposely avoid mentioning it?


    • rbgambler...Thanks for the tips and the feed back...I have also been watching SCCO....this is a weird market, seven out of ten years we have a "Bloody October" (not this year)....

      The dead cat bounce on my holdings are outstanding this and I and many others on this message board are real investors...we love to talk about investments and trade tips...why should we let others take us away from that...?

      I feel that at this time all of the markets are looking for reasons to go increase in value, and because of this I will keep dollar cost averaging on future dips...! Good luck and keep in touch...!

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