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  • rbgambler99 rbgambler99 Dec 2, 2011 9:58 AM Flag

    Over $10..another opportunity...

    SFL is getting to be a good trading vehicle, as long as you have tight stops....more negative news, and its coming, will drive this down to $8 or lower in no time.....get out while you can, and trade it to make money...this is no longer an investment....current dividend rate is very doubtful and will be reduced in due course...beware.

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    • Agreed. I dumped the lot just under $11.
      The div. will probably be cut 50% or more.

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      • I do not short stocks, but am thinking of shorting this the day or so befoe ex-div on about Wednesday next week....if the shares get up to $12.50 by then it will be the ideal short and giving up the divvy would be a small price to pay. OR, i may just short it the AFTEr ex-div and not have to pay the divvy.....stocks generally go downhill for about a month after ex-dvvy anyway, and ith FRO barely budging from the $3 mark, it is not like the company is on the upswing..take a look at NM today...I do not on it, but it is up hugely, and I sold my NMM stock for $15.20 today for a very nice gain........VLCCF is up, but that may be due to divvy pay date coming up soon.....for some reason (maybe they offer a drip plan) stocks often rise into divvy date which of no real significance....

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